Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




I got a locket of my old cats hair when he was run over, it’s nice to have


Prinny trying to sit in the tiny section of the scrabble box :joy:

Why do they love a box?


Same with just bits of paper. With Gizmo if I left a sheet of kitchen towel on the kitchen floor, he’d be sure to head straight to it and sit on it.
Strange characters.


today my colleague was telling me that if he wants to read a book, he has to put a decoy book out for his cat to sit on because otherwise the cat will sit on the one he’s reading


i find it quite unsettling tbh


It’s terrifying. I’ve watched it a hundred times.


The other day Tesla’s compulsion to sit on any rectangle led him to surf my laptop off the couch and onto the floor, by way of my backpack which rested betwixt the two. It was the most badass 2 seconds I’ve witnessed ever, he played it ice cool and just walked off like it ain’t no thing. He’s such an icon.


The cat charity shop near my house has added a café section and its FULL of cats.

Those men thought it was lovely.


She’s still proper scared of everything :crying_cat_face:


Upside down man


Big fan of this.


He’s never had any compulsion to have a bath before, but did this yesterday.


This sums up all of us in this thread.


Complete for your cat!!




I couldn’t find Mr Socks last night when I was getting ready to go to bed (we shut him on the opposite side of the door to the living room as we don’t trust him not to scratch at the sofa). He’s normally not good with heights so I was surprised to hear a miaow coming from atop the kitchen cabinets.

Couldn’t get down, could you Mr Socks? You silly wee thing you.


If it fits I sits


my cat is not particularly bitey or scratchy, even the NO areas she’ll just move her feet/tail away


Tesla’s entire body is simultaneously a “Yes!!!” and “I will BITE” because he’s well up for whatever attention you want to give him, but also he likes to bite to show affection.