Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Agree with this. Very much depends what mood mine’s in.




This happened right by my flat :frowning:


It’s heartbreaking, but also the best unboxing video ever.


Why? If you want rid of them just dump them on their feet in the street. Not that that is any good but a damn sight better than boxing them up.


TBF if you’ve ever left an open cardboard box about it will inevitably end up full of cats.


What? This is a perfectly normal way to sit. Why are you laughing?


Thinly veiled I have stairs that go up, I have stairs that go down post.


Emile likes being stroked and massaged all over


people who are fb friends with me are like yeah this is so two years ago


thank god they were found alive

so so tempted to adopt one argh


Finally a taker for the radiator tube!


I love it when Tesla sleeps with his little hand covering his snoot


My mother-in-law calls this a “nosey-posey”, and it has stuck.


They’re also de rigueur in our house, now all we have to do is work on removing the fascist salute from the equation.


I met this child a minute ago.


I’ve just returned to this thread for the first time in ages, and it’s full of bad news :frowning: So sorry to hear of your losses @ynot and @Konichiwa_Bitches - it was heartbreaking but also heartwarming to read your lovely tributes to Gizmo and Sirius. I hope you, your families and kitties are holding up ok.

Katie-cat has found herself having to compete with my new girlfriend for attention these last couple of months. They’re getting on very well, and I keep getting extra kitty cuddles when we’re alone together :slight_smile:


Love it. Here’s Katie:



A rare pic of them all very close and relaxed


All glory to the Hypnocat