Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



This unit appears to be the Lord of my car park


When Carmen sleeps she lets me play with her :grinning:


My sister took this, one of my mum’s brood looking :100:


I’ve just turned this photo upside down and noticed how cross-eyed and goofy my cat looks in this particular snapshot of time :see_no_evil::cat: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anyones cat being weird this morning?
my cat was howling and being really naughty all morning and I got to work and a man said his cat and dog were both acting weird and he said it was cause of the super blood moon


Cats are full time weirdos anyway. Tesla was yelling a lot and the ghost bees came after him for a while but those are just things that happen sometimes so it’s hard to tell.


People with sibling cats. Did they start to grown apart at some stage? Because these two are best buds (most of the time) and I don’t want that to stop.


My housemate had older brother cats and they sometimes slept like that or washed each other. Sometimes they’d also play fight.

those cats look so silky


What lovely beasts, I hope I look that content when I’m sleeping.


Yeah this pair are always licking each other (which is lovely when it isn’t vigorously going at a bum’ole) and they are always scrapping as well.

My wife read that they can go grow apart after 18 months or so and @the_ravens lot don’t seem too keen on each other but hopefully that was always the case.


wish I could report otherwise but they did used to be closer but lots of reasons for them growing apart. Daisy (the mum) was always in charge and was a fairly strict mother! Weasel spent a week in the vets with a blocked bladder and when he came back there was a small change in their interaction. Then quite a while later they all went to live with my father in law, but after a couple of years there Velvet developed diabetes so he came back to live with us because handling three cats with different food and twice daily injections was tricky. Then when we moved to Bristol Daisy and Weasel moved back to us (partly because Weasel had become 10kg and FiL wasn’t getting on top of his feeding) - so there was a bit of readjustment then which settled down a bit but the companionable grooming between Weasel and Velvet had gone. Now Daisy is getting on a bit Velvet is asserting his authority and taking advantage of her age (though she gives as good as she gets) so now they all kind of tolerate each other but Daisy and Velvet get on best. There is a lot of passive-aggressive grooming and a fair amount of bum’ole sniffing (though it seems to be more baity than anything!)

All that said, they got on really well until the big shake ups (a lot longer than 18 months).


Sooty and Gizmo used to cuddle up occasionally. But they constantly groomed each other.


Ah, well that is good to hear although I guess there is never going to be a guarantee of any big shake ups but things feel pretty settled here.


almost ten years ago


My parents’ cats Boswell and Pepys remained best of friends for almost five years (until Boswell sadly died). Even after Pepys went missing for three months, it didn’t take long before they were back to being friendly again. Always curled up together, followed each other round the house and in the garden, constant grooming, and a lot of scrapping.


That is promising and as they also both black and white I am accepting that is how ours will be.


Boswell and Pepys are two of the best cat names I’ve ever heard :grinning:


Anyone introduced a new cat to a cat they’ve had for a while? Did they become good friends?


Done this several times. Depends very much on the personality of the cats involved as to how well it works. We’ve had a few laid back cats who took to it like ducks to water, include my current two, but also had one who couldn’t stand it. The new cat we brought in was very friendly and followed him round all the time, like a shadow. The old cat just looked at us regularly with that “Why did you do this to me?” look. He put it up with it though, we never had any proper fighting.


yeah, the new cat moved out though and lived up the road with a young couple and he’s now called Sam