Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Do it properly, in stages (youtube has a few good vids). Don’t just dump them together and hope for the best, worst thing you can do.


Thanks guys. It won’t happen for a while but I really want to give him a friend.

He’s really good natured so I think he’d be okay with it but you can never be sure. Also he’s very boisterous and doesn’t realise his own strength (or how much it hurts when he’s play fighting with me and bites my wrists), think we’d need to be careful with him.


something that having three cats has made more obvious to me is how they’re basically still wild facking beasts. The way they stalk around the house, move in a group etc. Not so bad now humans outnumber them again but when it was 2 vs 3 it was really obvious


Turns out the best way to combat the chills from a cold night outside is to drag your bed as close as possible to the most accessible high-wattage bulb in the house and proceed to warm your face next to it.

If you’re Nico, that is.


My mum’s pair from the same litter were inseparable


That last picture is excellent only slightly marred by righty not getting their tail in quite the right place.

One could blame lefty I suppose but I don’t.


My girlfriend’s friends got a new kitten and he’s just the best thing in the world.


Behold my floofy tail of swish, human


Just threw a shoe at a big old cat that came to the patio doors to hiss at my girls (they shat it) - I missed. This thing is double the size of them and they are going to start going out either this or next weekend. TROUBLE!


I’m pretty sure that Sooty is being bullied by a huge ginger tom cat. It’s been hanging around for a few months and terrorising all the neighbourhood cats. He’s the the one who gave Gizmo his neck infection a while back.

Sooty always went out, you never saw him. But now he is always in and hardly ever goes out.
I’m not sure if he’s depressed about Gizmo, likes having the house to himself nowadays or is avoiding this cat. He does seem happy to be in all the time though.


My mum had this problem with a neighbour’s cat.

She solved it by getting a new cat that beat the stuffing out of the neighbour’s cat.

(Not to glamourise feline violence here, obvs)


There was a massive cat who bullied Phil when my mum first moved, Phil was only 6 months or so and this cat used to bowl it into our garden and scare him. We called it Captain Bastardface


DiS doesn’t allow enough likes for this picture.


I always thought Sooty was pretty tough. But then again Sooty and Gizmo used to tag team other cats.

Quite enjoying Sooty always being home though.


Yeah the girls strut round here like they are tough as fuck. They had a rude awakening this afternoon and their traumatic afternoon only got worse when I had a bed delivered, they usually don’t mind visitors but two men with big boxes terrified them. The only other time I have seen them scared is when my son put on (a now confiscated) wolf mask.


Tempted to get the wolf mask out next time they go up the curtains.


There’s this big ginger cat and it’s smaller gray sidekick that seem to be hanging around bullying Mr Socks. The other day they were up on our wall hanging around like they owned the place so I went out and gave them a good staring at until they went away. As they slinked off Socks ran up behind me and meowed as if to say, “AND DON’T COME BACK, Y’HEAR?!”

He’s not scared to go out or anything though so I’ve no idea what the deal is. Cat politics, eh?


Totoro is a hefty unit, I suspect that he is the local bully, much to my shame. He’s always coming home with new scratches and wounds.

Poor ol’ “Bitey Cat” (So called because he once bit my daughter’s leg), just mooches around and Tots always sees him off. Milo was never bothered by him, but he was a fair bit smaller.


Didn’t get any sleep last night, been home all day. Planned to get loads of stuff done but mainly me and Telsa have been napping together, I lie down and he just sits right there on my chest, can’t keep him away from me these days. It’s great bonding :heart:


Exactly the same with Sooty and I. He’s personality has totally changed since Gizmo passed.