Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



What is everyone here’s clothes strategy around their cats/other pets?

I’ve always just wandered around in the buff infront of my cats but I have a couple of friends, one who has a cat and one with a dog, who won’t be naked infront of them at any point. One said that her cat walked in on her in the shower one day and she freaked out and turned the shower on it until it ran away. The other won’t let his dog into the marital bedroom until he and his wife are both dressed, not just underpants but fully dressed.

I think this is absolutely crazy but this being dis, perhaps some of you are also similarly neurotic?


I’ve knocked ones out with the cat in the same room. Who cares. Certainly she doesn’t.


I’m practically a nudist around the house, so no…


Tbh, I don’t really walk round the house naked anyway. Wouldn’t be too fussed about him seeing me naked though (come to think about it, when we were having some building work done, I had to temporarily move his litter tray into the bathroom and he’d sometimes come in and have a shit at the same time I was having a shit, which was a bit weird, actually).


feel a bit sad that my gf’s moving and I might never see this silly boy again



Stayed at our mates’ house and met this wonderful fren. She’s currently enjoying her lunch and some neck pinches


Pets are generally naked though. Why be embarrassed about being naked in front of something that is itself naked and doesn’t understand the concept of clothing?


refuse to put clothes on when there are cats around


We both wander around naked all the time, so does Tesla, it’s all good.

We don’t really close doors because the heating is shit so if we want the bedroom and bathroom warm we have to be letting the other rooms’ warmth in. This means the little man has free roaming wherever we are. He routinely sits on the edge of the bath while I’m showering, sometimes he comes up and licks my toes. One time I didn’t know he was in the bathroom and his little fuzzy white head popped through the shower curtain near my bum and gave me a right fright. He’s been in the room while we’ve had sex before loads of times, it doesn’t seem to bother him and we don’t really notice him. I do close the door if I’m having a poo though. Also I’d rather not have him in the kitchen while I cook, but he always takes himself off for a nap while I’m doing that, I wonder if the smells upset him.


FYI, this is on Netflix


not sure if this is relevant for anyone here

we need to check what the deal with Emile’s microchip will be. He has a Belgian pet passport and got all his jabs and certificates there.


That is fucking insane


My mum gave the cat half a paracetamol cause he’s got a limpy leg. She googled after and found out not to give the cat a paracetamol, so she’s going to wait a bit and give him an aspirin in a few hours.

(I’ve told her she should probably not do these things)


Definately not paracetamol, I’d consider taking the cat to the vets.

Giz was on aspirin as a blood thinner when he was on meds. The max dose was quarter of a small asprin every other day.


She said she did it yesterday. I’ve said to keep an eye on him for certain symptoms/go vet.


If the cats see me naked, I wave my genitals at them and say ‘Woohoo, Daddy’s got his fur off!’

So probably the opposite of your friends.


awww don’t be scared little cat


She’s twatted on ketamine and upset because shes had her ovaries chopped out and has to wear a cone


Think she might be in a k hole