Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Have you tried putting it in a different place?

We had the same and then I put it on top of a sofa and now they use it all the time. The problem is that they only like it if it is central on the sofa which means it is pretty much unusable for anyone else (we do have another sofa).


She looks so tucked up a cute in it and so snuggly and warm but NOPE I wasn’t sitting in there? I sit on the sofa like humans.


They like being high up don’t they. I think they get worried they’ll be stepped on if it’s on the ground.

Also I say we shouldn’t pander to the cats but my cat wasn’t drinking water til someone on here told me to put the water somewhere else and now I have to keep on top of 2 water bowls cause she likes to mix it up.


Oh it’s been all over the place. I think the only reason he used it the other night is because I’d moved it to outside the bedroom door after kicking him out for doing a wee dance on top of me while I was trying to sleep. In it he was optimally poised to bother either of us whenever we got up.


Sooty is around 5kg, but he is a pretty small framed cat so it looks noticeable.

The vet did say he should lose a bit of weight.


10? That must have been one fat cat


he is also big framed

apparently we was the heaviest cat on the vet’s books


he’s beautiful, I love him. I love fat cats.


That’s me in feline form!


Nina’s massively underweight - only about 3kg - and there’s a vague underlying assumption every time I take her to the vets for her annual boosters that I some bad owner, when actually, if the vets looked at the notes from about four years ago she had problems with her kidneys and about two grands worth of treatment, and she’s been ultra skinny since then.


It also probably doesn’t help that when I have cereal in the morning Sooty jumps on me and pesters me for a cornflake or Cherio. I got an absolute look of disgust when he realised I’d switched to weetabix this morning.


Rating this as a mega chonker.


Apparently, this is “comfortable”.


This from the Siamese who brought you :


Oof! That is a lot of cat. Ours has come down from 7+ to 6.5kg, and he’s a big frame too, but that’s out of our league. Happy to hand over the Biggest Moggy on the Boards trophy.


‘I’m not fat. It’s just heavy fur’


Yeah, I had a similar deal with Dusty when she got spayed, as she’s too much of a lunatic to be trusted with just a cone.

Hence what became commonly known as her jazz ensemble roll-neck phase. Did think about getting her a matching beret for the full beatnik experience.


Even though he’s lost a lot of weight I can’t tell whether it’s him or one of our kids coming down the stairs :smiley:


Made the mistake of sitting on the couch nearest the radiator, didn’t I? Dear reader, a pile-on ensued.


I watched this today, it is delightful.