Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



my cat was just watching that boiler advert with the cats that go over to their mate’s house and turn the heating up while its owner is out with great interest.


This is not a drill! My sweet girl using my foot as a pillow :heart: Can’t move :heart:


Ridiculously we chose today as the first day to let them out. No fucking way, mate.


My dad let the cat out through the front door earlier and later my mum saw a trail of paw prints leading directly from the front door to the kitchen door (where the cat flap is)


Not a great cat burglar.

Sooty went out in the snow last night, jumped around on all fours a few times and ran back in really fast.

He’s 7, so not as if he’s never seen snow before.



my new associate Leela


that’s one of the best photos ever

she looks like a being of pure light


my friend just told me that this lovely boy has passed away. he wasn’t even two years old.




I’m so sorry, what a beaut he was :pensive:


catsitted for him a few times. he was a scamp - his name was Scampi, so this was apt - but just like you see here, he was also an absolute sweetheart.

not sure what happened yet, just got told half an hour ago. he was an indoors cat, so he must have gotten ill.


apparently he was treated for an infection before Xmas, which went away.

he’d been subdued and hiding of late, but my friend just thought it was stress. but she found him lifeless in his litter tray earlier today.


Her ears :heart_eyes:


Having a nice relaxing sunday with this gal



Big fans of the Fetch van here!

Our order on Friday came in a boring Ocado van, so disappointing.


There aren’t many of them on the normal delivery fleet, so it’s sadly a slim chance. Most of the Fetch vans just move the non-food stuff from warehouses to the local spokes.


Does anyone know what it means when cats do like a kind if praying motion with their front paws? Tried googling but no luck


You mean padding? Sort of stretching forward and opening/closing their paws?