Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



No, like this:


Mimi is looking even more wistful/pissed off than usual tonight…


Wtf :open_mouth: never seen that


Katie-cat is physically small and weighs 3.7 kg but will happily bring home dead full-grown rats and rabbits as plunder. We’re just over a stressful week of her not eating anything I put down for her, which turns out wasn’t illness-related but her extreme aversion to the new flavour of washing-up liquid I bought. Cats :confused: :smiley_cat:


Yeah, mine’s never done that.


I’ve seen it a couple of times with another cat, and them this cat I’m currently hanging out wity did it twice today. I suspect that in these instances it’s had to do with wanting physical attention — either petting or in this case, she wanted to jump onto my lap (the other cat I’ve seen do this has literally grabbed my hand between her paws when she wanted me to pet her). But I’m really curious about why it’s that specific movement.

It is absolutely hilarious btw.


My friend’s cat did this, not sure how it started but she’d just learned that people loved it so it was a shortcut to fusses and maybe dreamies.


Clearly some sort of summoning ritual for their dark god, I’d mix some salt and iron fillings and draw a circle with it around them just to be safe :joy:


Really getting into it now


Probably not a good idea to leave a Siamese unattended in the livingroom for LITERALLY 20 SECONDS, eh?

(* - guilty party pictured).


My mum’s cannot bear tea towels / oven gloves / anything really hanging in the kitchen. I’ve watched her stroll up to them, stretch up, engage her claws, pull them down, and walk away without a care in the world.

She is the best.


Need to test this out, Dusty’s generally not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised as it’s just a ticking time bomb for glasses being smashed/hardened scraps being eaten off the hob/going up on top of the cupboards and refusing to come down, resulting in me having to pull a chair over and wrestle her out from behind a bunch of boxes.

It’s also where her Da Bird toy (recently christened Kes) goes to “sleep”, otherwise it’d be five hours straight every night of playing with the thing non-stop.


Sooty does this every night with the bathroom floor mat which is hung on the bottom towel rail. As I’m going to bed, he’ll walk in the bathroom, squeeze behind the door pull down the mat attack it and then make a bed out of it. Thank god it’s only the floor mat.


Good status from my mum today


She’s mostly stopped being shy, sad and pissing and shitting everywhere, and is just being dead cute instead


Big boy’s loving his neck roobs


Such beautiful kitties :purple_heart:


Went for a first checkup/vaccination and turns out Leela is actually Leelo… He’s following me around and sleeping on me inbetween wild bouts of playtime.


Cat dab


Not sure why but I’ve been missing Chihiro the panther a lot recently

She was only 2 but she had poorly kidneys :frowning: