Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Poor little panther :frowning:


Katie demonstrating the “loaf of bread” position to fine effect:

On guard:


Mum just text me this. No message, just the photo.


What a good cat


After a month i don’t think i’d want it back


I dont get this though, you’re too scared to try to get it yourself but fine to let an animal stick it’s paws down there? Glad she got it back and the cat did well but doesn’t really make sense.


My dad sent me this


Like loaf of bread! We call it snailing!


Jess the cat:


Paint me like one of your French girls.


For a second I thought “chat” was a caption in French

(PS hi Carmen)


Our beautiful Suzi passed away this morning. She had a heart attack with no warning. Devastated. Worst thing is my husband is away for work so was on my own.


Shit, really sorry to hear that. Hope you are alright.


Oh no, poor suzi. How old was she?


So sorry. She was a gorgeous cat.


She was about 6 or 7- she was a rescue so can’t be sure. Still hasn’t sunk in properley yet.


Poor thing, that’s no age at all. Hope you’re OK


I am so sorry. What a gorgeous girl :heart:


I’m really sorry to hear this, thoughts are with you. x


I took a double take at first as I thought yours was a photo of my cat for a second! Here’s my idiot pulling a similar pose.