Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Oh man, am really sorry to hear this. Hope you’re doing OK.


Thanks for all the kind words- I knew the people in the cat thread would understand.

Still expecting to see her run in the room to see me.


Oh mate, I’m so sorry. Hope you’re ok. x


Ah, that’s so weird! They’re practically identical, aren’t they? Even down to the mark on their front-right leg!

Ok, we’re going to have to compare ages here to establish who gets the image rights. Might be an awkward conversation to have when I next go to my parents and tell them I have to shave parts of their cat.


Hahaha. Mine was four on Friday - she ate too much tuna to celebrate and slept for about 12 hours straight afterwards. Party animal.


That’s that sorted, then - we’re not messing with a cat jacked up on tuna. Could lose a limb. Seen it happen. Wasn’t pretty.


You can tell by the slightly demented look in her eyes she’s not to be messed with. There could be work for yours as an official lookalike though if mine can’t make any of her important engagements?


Here, you’re on to something there. Let’s teach them how to play accordian, we’ll take that Terrible Festivals thread by storm.


She’s thick as shit unfortunately but nice idea.


Ok, we’ll start with the basics.


I just had to


That’s a look of panic at the thought of being taught how to play a music instrument.




this person tried to unlock your phone



These are great


I’ve finally got Jessica’s flees under control (turns out tablets were the way to go) - so no more gross eggs and flee detritus everywhere in the flat to clean up

She has celebrated this by stopping going to the loo outside and using her litter tray again. So I now have lots of gross itty bitty bits of cat litter everywhere in the flat to clean up


Saw our cats’ kittens today (they went to our housemate’s girlfriend).


The one on the right’s tail is almost as big as the rest of it


Both the kittens are the same size, it’s just that one has really short sleek fur and the other is a massive ball of fluff


Trying to convince my girlfriend to adopt this cat that looks like Batman