Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



You should promise not to become insufferable through ceaseless Batman references if you adopt the cat. But then once the cat is adopted go mad with ceaseless Batman references forevermore.



Sara (the all gray one) always makes a point out of laying across my lap/belly whenever I’m factiming anyone, as I had just been doing here. She doesn’t like to share the attention.


Sunday nights


this has reminded me that i had a black and white cat called Jess way back in the day. got left behind with my dad when my parents got divorced, and then adopted by someone across the road. hope it was alright.

if i ever got a pet it would definitely be a cat. one day maybe.


She needs the world to see how pretty she is.



Clearly not happy at me having the sheer audacity to be looking at the football rather than gazing upon her loveliness.


Did a bit of sealant work on the bath last night so left it full of water. Heard a massive splash in the middle of the night and then some frantic running. I then found a soaking wet cat downstairs, regrettably I have no photos.


Does anybody have any recommendations for cat minders or whatever in South London - the closer to Brixton the better…

We’re going to have to leave London at pretty short notice in the coming weeks and don’t really have anybody we can ask to keep an eye on our little love.


I can’t stop watching this.


If I still lived at my parents I’d be all over that.


They’re at it again! Companionably close :slight_smile:


Oh my god his face :heart_eyes: I am dying :heart:


Which would be your throne of choice? I’d go for the radiator blanket ledge thing


Every time!


Hi Cat Thread, this is Benny, he is not fond of things being more important than him.


Viktor hates the cold and wet, so in the recent cold snap it took a lot of coaxing to get him outside for this shot.


Still looks like he’s hating it tbf :smiley:


Oh yeah. He would still much rather be flat on his back being fed cheese. But then wouldn’t we all.