Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Classic “you ain’t working m9” pose!


Wait?! That’s your actual cat, not one out of an epic sci-fi / fantasy film about regal cat gods ruling their long ice bound kingdom?

Amazing :heart_eyes:


Regal is a word used a lot in relation to him. I know I am biased, but he is pretty amazing. There was a delay between us seeing him at Battersea and when we were able to pick him up. My other half was convinced someone else would steal him.


so beautiful

sorry for your loss :frowning:


You could try

I used to do odd bits of work for people through it.


sorting through old pictures and rediscovered this selfie with an old visitor



Thanks. Feel a bit better now we have decided we will get another rescue cat in the autumn. Lots of cats need homes :cat2:


My ex-girlfriend’s cat died last week, which is hugely sad. She was an absolutely GBOC.

RIP Monty*
Monty Moo
Monty Moodle
What’s that curling up in my lap, is it The Montster? It is The Montster.
latin: Montypus Naughtypus

(*gender confusion when named)


RIP Monty :pensive:


RIP Monty. A double of Sooty.

Too many DiS cats are passing away lately :frowning:


new favourite gif (i am not affiliated with these cats irl sorry)



Cosmetic tail surgery isn’t right for everyone, but Max is very happy with his new look.


Gilrs have started going out with full daylight access to the catflap. All was going brilliantly until the reappearance of Fluffkins (twice the size of one of ours). He chased one in yesterday and then the other (the nutter) went out to confront him and then get chased in.

So I am WFH tomorrow armed with buckets of water. BRING IT FLUFFKINS!


Was very pleased when I got out the car this evening to see a cat run across the drive. Was absolutely delighted when said cat approached for rubs and scratches and started purring.

Cat then started rubbing against the corner of the house and on the front step and was still sat on the doorstep about 10 minutes later. Think I’ve made a new friend.

I have decided it is called Tabbytha and here is a very poor photo:


Is this the right place for cat assistance?

I have two cats, one is a dream, the other is cool as, but a bit of dick on one thing.

All was fine, then we got two rugs. The bad cat started crapping on the rug. Was well annoying. We tried all sorts, and I even took her to the vet who stopped me mid-explanation to tell me (in a brilliant Irish accent) that “the cat doesn’t like da rug, get rid of it”.

Now the rug was new, so just chucking it away is really annoying, and the floor needs it. If we remove it, she goes back to using the tray. We cover it at night with a tarp (which is mental) and that works, but isn’t exactly the solution. Always poop, never piss.

Oh, and when we are there - bloody loves the rug, rolling on her back, and sleeping on it and stuff.

One of you clever sods will know what to do.



i think that once they crap somewhere once, they start thinking it’s the toilet as no matter how well you clean it, they can still smell it. i don’t have a good solution for you that doesn’t involve removing the rug i’m afraid, but if you find one, let me know!



they look like they’ve just had an argument and are sulking at each other



That’s literally just her deeply concentrated purry cuddle face. What a weirdo


Sooty is being very inquisitive tonight.