Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



like getting the notifications of @xcheopis liking the old posts :slight_smile:


Trying to familiarize myself with all the fluffy darlings!


Me too, although I feel the need to prepare them that some of these lovely kits are sadly no longer with us (including mine :cry:)

It’s so nice knowing my Daisy has brought someone new a little joy though :slight_smile:


For me it was quite nice getting alerts to old photos of Gizmo. He really was a daft, lovable moggy.


are you also a cat parent yourself?


There is a cat thread on somethingawful that is nine years old, more than six thousand pages long, and has nearly 700k posts. For “reasons”, I wound up some 50,000 posts behind. It took me weeks to catch up, which is when I learned that some of my favourite cats had died. Ask me about crying in the break room over a cat I’d never met.

I’m very sorry about your sweetie. It’s the worst part of having a pet.


Yes! Handsome
My Tanuki. He is 15.5 and has health issues. Last cat standing of three and just the best little guy.


There’s a spray thing that supposedly puts them off. We used it and it coincided with the cat stopping pissing on the spare bed, though that was also when she was new to the house and adjusting to living here so could be that too. But worth a go. Will try to find the name of it


I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone over old posts. Your sweeties are so cute! Tell me to stop if it’s bothering you.






Oh not at all! Like @ynot says, it’s been so lovely to rediscover old photos :heart: It was more that I was worried about you being sad further down the line. The SA thread sounds amazing and I’d totally be crying, too. I cried over Boo the dog dying a few weeks ago, heh.

And Tanuki is a stunner! :heart_eyes_cat:



so sof


Candy at the back always looks so introspective


I was just thinking exactly that!
Deep ponderings going on inside that floof.


Trudy saying hello.


:crying_cat_face: I love cats


Same :crying_cat_face: