Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



what a beauty :heart_eyes_cat:

old cats are so sweet



Experiment with cross-posting here:
One of the catte thread regulars spotted a kitten:

(I have filtered to show only his posts in the thread. And it’s old, so some images and links might be broken. And I don’t know if the pay wall is up!)


That certainly told me to pay up and join.

Also I swear the colour scheme wasn’t all 80s computer style green on black when I viewed the UKMT regulations another member posted up?


D’oh! Well, I tried. It’s a great kitten rescue story.

YOSPOS, the subforum, has it’s own colour scheme, as do BYOB & FYAD.


I can’t edit out the link. Failure all around on How To Post. >:c


700k posts! I am going to have to take the day off work, and settle in for a long weekend of looking at cat pictures.

This doesn’t exactly differ from my normal weekend though to be fair.


Gorgeous boy.



Feel about better about SOAWJO and CWBAFT


It’s always fun when you realise the person to whom you are telling a story doesn’t understand a third of the words you’re using. :smiley:



I have a similar issue with one of mine

She started shitting and pissing on my new sofa. It still smells a bit of cat piss and fabreeze

I have resorted to covering it with a tarp too - pain in the arse.

Sorry, I have no magic solution for you


Ive enjoyed seeing old photos through your likes :smile:


I think someone is a little few up with my laptop being on her lap

But she’s willing to make do with what she can get


That face!


OH MY GOD THAT’S ADORABLE :heart::heart_eyes::heart:


I got a new phone today with a decent camera. Expect more Sooty photos.


Winnie stares into your soul


Just before Gizmo passed away a kitten lookalike got friendly with our two.

Sooty now totally tolarates him and they seem to hang out together which is nice.

He’s grown a lot in three months.

This reminds me I need to sort out the garden.


Argh! The Unclean Horror of the Cold Wet Nose!