Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I’m pretty sure if I get a second cat they will be black :slight_smile:


They are a nightmare to photograph!
But they also get left at shelters twice as long as other cats because people are superstitious about them… and probably because they are a nightmare to photograph.


I think it’s pretty cool having a witches cat.


Black cats a very affectionate.


He’s going to do it one of these days.


Hmm that doesn’t seem to work.


I’ll try again.


Ha, my guy has got to the realisation that door handles are somehow linked to opening doors, but he has no idea what to do with them.

He’s not the brightest but that makes me like him even more




It’s the same for my Tanuki. I love him very much but he is… not smart. He gets by on looks, though, so that worked out nicely. :smiley:


yeah imagine being that good looking

I think some cats know how fit they are and rely on it a bit too much tho


He totally takes advantage. Lucky for me, he loves tummy rubs and will literally fall asleep purring.


think some of us are getting a little bit lax with the cat pics tbh

I’ll post some tomorrow


Safe within the stout walls of Ft. Warms.
(Images are loading a bit askew, sorry!)


such good facial hair


I really like his eye-liner!


Ours does this constantly. She’s getting far too arrogant.


So! There is a young lady who posts to the SA catte thread and she raises Siberian kittens. Enjoy!



Monty has come to stay for the week and is slowly accepting Leelo. She’s been hissing quite a lot over the weekend but this morning they were a bit more relaxed and the stand off was kind of playful. Hopefully be mates soon


I wish my cat loved tummy rubs :frowning: