Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



He’s the second cat I’ve had that loves them, the first also having been a handsome orange-and-white boy. It’s awesome. More cats should like them.


Totally normal cat


I call this series ‘Pasty Confusion’


I don’t know why they wouldn’t! I love having my belly gently stroked :laughing:
Winnie would slice me up if I tried stroking hers though :cry:


She’s totally missing out. Tell her they promote good health and longevity!


family photo


basically if me or still_here is posting on DiS, assume Emile is nearby


She never listens to me! :sob:


Cats, man.


Sometimes i leave old jumpers around the house just in case she needs a pillow


The girls have been inseparable recently


That face.

He’s 7 tomorrow.


Nice white leg on him


That is ridiculously adorable and beautiful.


Happy Birthday x


You apparently need an enzyme based cleaner to remove whatever it is they put into cloth to make them think they should keep coming back to it - @grievoustim too.

Now I can’t say the one our vet sold us did a lot but we had an issue with our cat shitting on the cold stone slabs next to the litter tray and the cleaner was really meant for fabrics so it’s probably that there was another explanation.

Anyway, speak to your vet.


You have a black cat called Winnie too?!


Thanks, but central part of my woes is from the chat with the vet. And she is great so I have no reason to ignore her advice that it’s the cat or the rug.



It’s entirely possible the the intervening decade have shown it was all snake oil!


Snooze dragon