Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Such a happy little punk pops


FLOOFY PAWS! :heart_eyes:


Caught me trying to take another snooze pic


Oh he’s a regular floofy doof, no question


gonna call my next cat pudding


Good call


I inherited this big boy when I moved in with the tv. His name is Gandalf. What an absolute boy! Love him


might get two and name one of them pudding and the other one something fancy like esmeralda.

(really want a cat to live in my house)


Esmerelda is also a great cat name. The more outlandish the better imo


I’ll probably just cut through all the formalities and name my next Fart Bum. They get called that more than their actual names anyway


She looks stern but she’s really the sweetest baked potato. She just came right up to me and gave me lots of kisses and sat almost on top of me staring at my face.


She looks like she’s been no stranger to a beefy spliff. Chill af but still pondering life

Like, leave me alone, I’m thinking thoughts


no pics but the cat just spent an hour straight meowing and purring and bugging me, then running into the kitchen and coming back meowing when i didn’t follow. heard this big bang so i went into the kitchen and it turns out he has kibbles in his bowl but he wanted that nice royal canin w/ gravy and turkey chunks from the box on the counter, and he finally succeeded in knocking it off the counter. just fed him a sachet and he ate it then fucked off to bed, not so much as a glance my way. what a piece of shit :joy:


Cats are such dicks.


Catnip time for Winnie?

  • Kitty get crunk
  • Are you prepared to deal with Kitty comedown tomorrow?

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Get kitty 'nipped to the gills. Film. Post video.


I’ve never given my elderly cats the nip

Should I?




She was a snoozeface all evening so we thought we’d leave her be. Sunday sesh instead?
Hmmm could mean an unsettled night actually. Will leave it for another weekend.


Generally, catnip highs don’t last very long, maybe an hour or so.

Edit: I mean, your comfort level for dealing with stoned kitty is more important than my great love of watching stoned kitties do stoned kitty things. Just noting that the high is fleeting.