Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Here is a video of one of the cattes from the SA catte thread. He is very high.



I met this one today


perfect :heart_eyes_cat:


eeee I love these pics


Esmerelda needs to be dramatically fluffy like @mouth_breather’s kitty


that squid toy!! ahhhhh :smiley:


that bow is just darling

@imaperv look at that darling bow

makes me want to wear a bow myself


Frank is very… “fond” of his squid.


aha! I’m sure I have a few friendships like that… :upside_down_face:


why was Frank on valium? had he been to the vets?

didn’t know cats got given valium. looks fun :smile:


Yes, as I recall he had some procedure or other. I should look back in that thread one of these days to verify. He and Ralph, the other orange cat, are a bonded pair. There are jokes about “gay orange cats” but everyone thinks its really quite sweet and cute! :slight_smile:


Dig this fabulous carrier Carly Rae Jepsen has for Jupiter


:heart: I love the thought of them being gay cats!


They are adorable together!


For example:



Yeah these sorts of backpacks (I have never seen them carried on the front like this) seem popular here in Melbourne. I have seen three or four of them in use on public transport. Very cute.


Taking Tanuki to the vet in 30 minutes. One of his claws has a tendency to become ingrown and there are couple of other issues to address, so sooner rather than later. Poor little fellow!

He’ll be going back in mid-May for semi-annual blood work and imaging and other very expensive procedures.

Also, all caught up on pictures! Thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:


Ai yah! I’m glad I took him in but there were a few more problems than I thought, so no treats for me for a bit.

Poor sweetie! He was mostly well-behaved and so got extra snackies when we got home. He is currently snugged into Ft. Warms to recuperate from the indignities that occurred.


That little bow! :heart_eyes: