Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

Reminds me of an old housemate’s cat, which had a busted leg (was broken, never healed properly due to neglect) that couldn’t bend and would stick out sideways when she sat down.

She was so angry when my housemate got her, it was so satisfying seeing her turn into a loving (and loved) cat.


I just can’t look at adoption sites really. So many gorgeous deserving cats who need love and it’s pitiful.

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Owned, nerd

Just the fact that she is called Karen from Finance has absolutely done me. I love her so much.


Oliver doing his best Ceiling Cat impression


I didn’t see this until Theo posted it on Facebook. Did me too.

Yep also reminds me of my old friend echo who was deeply not arsed with us until the last 5 years of her life when she wanted the heat of indoors. She was an aristocratic cat and a real trooper :heart:

Will look for a photo of her when I get home.

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Yes sorry, that’s where I got it from, this thread.

Just to add a layer of annoyance, the gif was titled something like ‘doing_taxes’.

It’s the most cat thing ever. Having very occasionally worked at home I can wholly sympathise with the guy - I’ve learned from bitter experience that even if I have to pop out the room for a moment to, for example, go to the loo, it’s necessary to gather up all the paperwork and hide it somewhere until I come back otherwise it’s all over the floor, under the sofa, the most important part of the document has been shredded, etc.



My arm is dead but she’s purring so loudly and the weight of her lil chin is just the most adorable thing ever :heart_eyes:


Whole comfy plush bed? Nah, i’ll take the lumpy backpack


Because the cat hair will show up better on the black bag


This sweet cat loves to sit on the walls of my yard and torment my dog. There’s no curtains on the patio door so my dog can always see out and will just whine and jump at the door whilst the cat cleans itself and sunbathes. Hope it doesn’t happen all day whilst I’m at work :persevere:


Also really relieved because I passed a small black cat that had been run over just a minute or two down the road and thought it might be this one. Still really really sad though. I would never be able to have a cat this close to a main road.

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Locked Sooty in as we’ve got a bee swarm on the steps outside. He’s not happy.

Brightens my day with his daft little face


Been sooooooo cuddly this weekend