Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



nice cat, nice garden


I’m not normally a fan of cats but I was patting one on Saturday and was quite a nice cat really


Thanks. I can’t take any credit for the garden. All my GFs work.


Anyone else been abandoned by their cats? Recent mild weather means they are out pretty much all day now.


During summer, Calcifer will leave for up to a day at a time. It makes me ever so worried about the tiny varmint.


Same. Viktor is a bugger in summer. If I don’t see him for half a day or so, I will spend loads of time in my slippers walking up and down the road (looking into the gutter in case he’s been hit) and in the woods at the back of the house calling him.

Of course he always saunters back in the house casually when it damn well pleases him.


My cat pretty much only goes outside if someone goes out with her because she’s a wuss


Yeah Sooty is out all day now although I only need to jingle my keys for him to come running. Gizmo on the other hand hardly leaves the house.




CAT has been killing baby rabbits :sob:






I’ll be catsitting for ten days over Easter, can’t wait to spam this thread a lot





We’re in the process of trying to sell our house at the moment. In his wisdom our cat yesterday decided he would bring in a live magpie. I don’t know how he caught it, I really don’t know how he got it in the catflap, but what I do know is that it shat EVERYWHERE. That bird must have jam packed full of shit when it came in, because, good LORD. Must have been a decent fight too, because the living room looked like a bomb went off.

And we had a viewing at 10am this morning. Sigh.


10/10 cat work there


in that first one your man there looks every inch the noble beast, like a jaguar at rest.