Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



There’s been a terrible accident


Gizmo nearly poked this head through, but this will do.

I’ve not seen Sooty since 5am this morning. I’m a little worried but hopefully he’s just exploring.


several of the tabbies in this thread look just like my cat. wouldn’t surprise me if she was breaking into all of your houses pretending to be your cats so she could take your cats’ food


I think out of all the cats in this thread this guys expressions are the best.


. I’m sorry but I had to post a photo of my rescue kitten Peggy Lee.

Hope your cat is okay xx


He’s just rolled in. Seems to be limping though.

Adorable kitten by the way.


my cat forgot to get me a card for mothers day but I woke up last night and he’d been lying on top of me cuddling me and stayed like that for most of the night :kissing_cat:


never change buddy <3


you can see my desktop background is also my cat hahaha


pretty envious of Emile getting to hide under your luxurious hair like that.


haha looks such a mess there, think that’s the worst my hair’s ever looked in my life


“I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

  • your hair


My cat came in at 6am and perched on my shoulder, which woke me up but I thought it was nice to have a cuddle. Then she bit me harder than she’s ever done before, the little shit. I’ve shut her out so now she’s whining outside for food/attention

Still cute tho



My little guy has really deteriorated recently - found out he has an under-active thyroid this week, and also he has started walking in tight circles. Doesn’t seem to be an ear infection and nothing yet back from his blood or urine tests.

If we go to diagnose it would be a very costly MRI scan which would require GA which with all of his other conditions would be way to risky anyway, and if it ended up being a tumour or anything it would be way to risky to operate on anyway.

He still seems otherwise pretty happy but I’ve noticed he doesn’t cuddle quite as much as he used to - he still follows me around and wants to sit in my lap for a bit and be petted, but he used to stay there all day.

We have this weekly ‘quality of life’ survey to fill out and the vet says he still is doing really well considering.

Really really worried about being away for pretty much all of April.



This is basically why I can’t face owning another cat



love to you and the wee one :kissing:


yeah, it’s been a pretty heartbreaking week.

On the morning of my birthday he was sleeping very heavily and in a weird position when I got up so I was absolutely terrified.

Was home alone last night, so spent all of last night with him curled up with me on the sofa trying not to get too upset.


Oh no, I’m sorry :cry:


Sorry to hear this. I’m probably way too atttached to our two cats and I’d be devastated if something happens to them.

I’m quite an anxious person generally (probably should deal with that) and I’ve always found cats quite calming and reassuring.

I hope it works out.