Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Sorry to hear this! Hope he gets better soon :worried:


Sending thoughts your way.


Thanks all, @DarwinBabe @dingaling @ynot @WizardLizard @LeeKaye

I’m hoping for the best, I know it’s going to happen at some point, he’s old and has so many conditions and it’s life - it’s just really been destroying me to think about - even more than my childhood pets that I had for years and years.


sequence of events

just stretchin my calves


they see me (in ‘Cat Thread’ (rolling)), they hatin


I hope you’ve graffiti’d “this car’s dirtier than my cat’s bum” on there.


that car is basically her car, now. she’s never even made an attempt to wash it.


Hard to do with a tongue to be fair.


fred (who i’ve posted a pic of before) is the cat that lives at my dad’s farmhouse


I’d wanna look like that if I was a cat


he’s a handsome little fellow. not one for being petted though!

a cat, there are three currently but i don’t have any pics of the others.


cat is getting into some far out eastern philosophy mates. here’s a little yoga:

here he is saying, “your worldly possessions will own you unless i intervene, maaan”:

here he is just being ridiculous. “oh i’m just a cute lil sociopath i guess”:


Thank you, Eastern Wisdom Cat.


Theastern Wisdom Cat.


Socialising our semi-feral cat update:

had to kick her out of the spare room over the weekend, which was fairly eventful as she refused to be shepherded towards the area we’d setup for her (sheltered corner of the front room), running first into the basement, then deciding to reside on the kitchen window sill after being in the front room for a few hours. The latter was really bad, as the kitchen is small, and we were freaking her out by getting too close whenever we needed to cook or otherwise use the kitchen, and we couldn’t shift her as she was pretty wedged in and refusing to move, with a few hisses etc thrown in (first time I’ve been hissed at :frowning: ). Eventually she moved back out (I think she figured out it wasn’t a good spot, and left when we left the house for a while in the hope that she would move) and under the sofa in the front room, where she’s been for the last day and a half, very slowly getting her appetite back, and generally chilling out a lot more.

Hopefully being a bit more exposed to us without us actually paying attention to her (eg whilst watching TV, playing games etc) will help further. She has a pretty sheltered spot under the sofa (has a material fringe that goes almost to the floor).


Love his chin so much :heart_eyes:


create some spaces for her to hide in that are out of the way. old boxes, cupboards you don’t really use much, maybe buy a cat tree with a little hut in it too. they just like to feel like they have somewhere to escape to when they are stressed or need to sleep. more so if they grew up wild and are still on the lookout for rival cats and rival predators.

use those dreamies treat things to encourage her. scatter a few in the hidey holes you’re making. this way hidey holes = food, and food = good, and good = safety. don’t pet or go near her when she’s in them, let her think you can’t get to her in those spots.


also is she neutered? that can take down the temperature somewhat.


Thanks for the update. As Blueturtle says, as long as she has hiding places to scuttle off too, that will help enormously.


Yes, get her neutered, it should calm her right down.