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Do any of your cats have any favourite non cat food meals?

Sooty loves his cereal in the mornings, normally my Shreddies. He now has a habit of patiently sitting on my shoulder/back of my chair while purring manically in my ear, while I eat breakfast.

I’m not sure if feeding Shreddies to him will do him any harm or not.


Viktor is ridiculous. He likes cheese, crisps, cake, cream, butter. Anything like that. He really shouldn’t eat it, but we give him a tiny amount just as a treat. If you are eating cake and put it down he comes over and steals it. He took a croissant out of my girlfriends hand once. His big bear paw came up and swiped it from her.


Yeah, she’s neutered, she had that done shortly before we started taking care of her. We give her dreamies, though we’ve noticed that if we put them somewhere near/in her current hidey hole when she’s stressed, she’ll actually leave that place, almost as if us leaving her food shows that we know where she is. But we’ll drop some more down later, I was thinking at the far end of the underside of the sofa where she hides - that seems to be a good spot for her, and we like it for her as she’s not far from us (so can get use to us and our noise/movements better).

We have a cat tree thing, although more of a scratching post with a platform on top. She definitely doesn’t like us being able to see her atm, she’s trying to figure out where is good in her new room - the aforementioned disastrous kitchen window sill (it has a small shelf in front of it we use for plates etc), a shelf about 1m up on our bookshelves, and the cat tree thing have all been tried, but sofa seems best. It’ll be quieter in the week anyway, she should recover back to where she was before being moved, and then hopefully she’ll start to settle in over the next month or two.


Catnip is handy too. Sprinkle a bit here and there and she’ll probably loosen up a bit. Put some around/on the scratching post.

They are hyper cautious anyway and it’ll be even harder if they’re feral. Living wild means being afraid a lot. Maybe try putting her food and water bowl closer to your living room so she has to eat around you? Or put an old hoodie or sock near the bowls so she can smell you guys while she’s eating but without you being physically close. All about trying to create positive associations for her. She might not eat for a bit but hunger will get the better of her eventually. Try to get her to eat some treats out of your hand too (once she’s further along).

Also plenty of toys you can play with together will really help with bonding. Aim for 20 mins of playtime a day. Those wands with string are great, laser pointers, wind up mice, basically anything she needs you to make work but also other stuff she can bat around on her own. She can keep her hunting n pouncing skills sharp too - crucial if she has until now relied on her own wits to find/hunt food. Basically she still needs to feel like an independent woman, there are lots of cat puzzle things you can get that reward play with a treat.

Maybe try one of those plug in scent things, they can help her acclimatise too.

Hope it goes well, keep us posted.


As mentioned up thread, Sid came from a big house where there was huge competition for food, and as such he will eat anything. Chips, quiche, cereal, broccoli, soup, curry, it’s all gone in. He tries to knock the milk bottle out of your hand when you’re not properly paying attention so that you’ll spill it on the floor, and he’ll have to be physically shoved off the kitchen surface if you catch him up there trying to lick saucepans or what have you. Even then he just stands there with that “Yep, and I’ll do it again” look.


We got her a couple of catnip toys, she plays with them when we’re not there (zero playing-with-us potential atm, although the laser pen is an idea). Her food etc is close to the sofa, I was thinking about sliding it under the couch, but I think we’d rather she eats/drinks in the open, even if we’re not there. The clothing is a good idea though, might try that soon. She’s never eaten in front of us, though I think she was close to doing so just before we moved her out of the spare room (used to not eat dreamies etc for a good 45 min-1 hr after we’d left the room, it was down to pretty much the second we left, and she was starting to sniff them when we were there, but not eat them).


Daisy is delighted* I’m working from home today



Just got a call from my ex.

Howard, our cat, (although I no longer live there) was hit by a car today and killed.

Feel utterly numb.


Oh no. I’m so sorry. :cry:


sorry to hear that. Very sad


fuck, I’m so sorry. :heart:


Thanks… and the other guys as well too. Really appreciate it.

As my ex and the kids are in Scotland, I was going to go round and feed him, have a cuddle with him a bit later. sigh.


Honestly it breaks my heart to think about - really thinking of you. So sorry for your loss.


That was a consoling like, for the record.


that’s terrible news :cry: sorry


That’s awful news. Really sorry for your loss :frowning2:


Oh no. So sorry.


Feeling for you.




Oh my. Sorry to hear this. :cry: