Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



I am really sorry for everyone with an ill/injured/dead cat. :broken_heart:

However I am also really excited about catsitting two of my favourite cats in the world for ten days over Easter (starting this Friday). Sorry if this is insensitive at this point in the thread but I just had to share with someone how much I’m looking forward to it – I’ve never had a cat of my own so catsitting is one of my favourite things.


Not at all - cats are absolutely brilliant. I could just sit and watch them for hours on end. Absolutely fascinating little personalities and cute beyond measure.

Have an awesome time with them :slight_smile:



He comes to see mini stack if she’s upset before lights out, then camps outside her door :cat:


Socks sitting on the TV’s footstool like it’s a damn throne.


Ah, I posted this before reading about your cat @he_2. Sorry for your loss :cry:


No worries, man. Appreciate the @!

That is one regal looking moggy you have there!


He has his moments. Though shortly after this was taken he ate his breakfast too fast, ran around like a loon and then threw up all over the carpet. Which is hardly behaviour befitting of royalty.


Socks looks so much like our Gizmo.

Socks was going to be Gizmos original name. It was only because Gizmo used to walk around making happy chirping noises that he got his name. He still chirps to this day.


I’d put money on Prince Harry having done exactly that on more than one occasion.


Oh man, a happy chirping cat sounds ludicrously adorable!


Don’t know if I posted about friendly neighbour kitten yet either


So I guess we’ve adopted this outlaw in a roundabout way. Was having a cig on the doorstep the other night and he wandered up looking cold and hungry. Obvs didn’t let him in but I put some food out for him and he’s been back every day for a pet and some grub. Here he is this morning enjoying some breakfast:

Happy to help tbh, seems like he’s had a rough time of it. Have put out the old cat carrier too so he has some shelter. My cat is an indoor one but they seem to find it relaxing staring at one another thru the living room window :slight_smile:


That’s kind of what happened with us, although it was really clear he was in a bad way, so we took him straight to the vet, and with no chip and no collar we just took him in and put up signs.

No one came forward and 2 weeks later he was ours.

This other neighbour kitten belongs to our neighbour a few days up and she’s very friendly. Not sure about Emmett though - even though he’s completely nonplussed.


Yeah we were thinking what to do but we cant afford a vet for him and if we call RSPCA or wotnot he could end up being put down. Pretty sure he’s wild or has been stray for ages altho he’s a good guy. He seems to be able to handle himself so we gave him some dewormer and figure we’ll keep him fed.


Just found these:

@Antpocalypsenow who’s the evil commentator who is nasty about cats?

and this


NEVER tag me in a thread about fucking cats Theo, NEVER.



But it’s a post about Football.

Oh, you want me to stink up your football threads with this?


I love it when you come in the football threads, it’s a real treat


My sister just sent me a pick of this goober. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: