Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



just realised i haven't read the first couple hundred posts in this thread. gonna treat myself to some CUTE CAT PICS!



Picking up keys to catsitting place TOMORROW! Which includes briefly saying hi to the cats.

One of them has gotten diabetes now so I have to be shown how to give her her daily insuline shots as well... she's been extremely trusting the other times though so hopefully won't be a problem.


he could be microchipped and someone might be looking for him though - you should get him checked over when/if you can


The number of likes I'm getting from you had made me realise the ridiculous number of cat photos I've posted :slight_smile:


this is now my favourite thread on DiS. please keep posting cat photos! :heart_eyes_cat:


My cat insisting on being given my undivided attention after she was left alone for several hours today. Bit needy

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

Sooty just brought a live mouse in. I tried trapping it but Sooty got to it first and ran out with it :frowning:


Oh god, it's that time of the year. I need to keep a square tupperware box handy to trip and release them. We can always tell when they bring one in as there is a very specific mewling noise they make when they come in through the cat flap. Partially as their gob is full of pissed off rodent.


Yeah this is a fair point. Worried what might happen to him tho. Bit random but I noticed he's still got his huevos and before we gave him a brush yesterday his fur was a right state. Other clues he might be wild or stray I guess.

We can't adopt him but if we call RSPCA will he be okay? He's cautious but friendly enough so maybe he would get rehomed pretty easily?


This looks like the photo she'd have above her column in the Guardian :slight_smile:


Here is mojo yesterday, again hogging the vinyl. He scratched some of the peelable banana off my Velvet Underground LP, the shitbag. Couldn't get a snap of hom in the act tho :smile:

Love how they develop these weird obsessions with random stuff.


Not sure exactly how they work, but maybe you could ask them or look into other organisations that could help? Fingers crossed someone will take him if he's ok around people, if he doesn't have an owner


Jazz cat reacts to jazz about cats:

Misty's so weird.


Xander is obsessed with the DVD player. To the point that if you pick up ANY remote control, he runs over to the TV area and stares at it. I've discovered it's because he likes the tray coming out and attacking it, he often pulls the DVD out whilst doing this. I can only think he developed this whilst his previous owner had him. So my BluRay player is essentially the most expensive cat toy in the world.



Old picture of the cat prince as a blue eyed scamp because I just saw it and it made my heart hurt



In other news: Went to pick up keys etc for the catsitting place today - and learned how to give an insulin shot to a kitty. Will be doing that twice daily for the next ten days.

Was absolutely no sweat though, the moment I picked her up she just started purring and literally did not react to the shot at all, just got comfy on my lap and stayed there. LOVE that cat.


You're lucky there. Mate of mine had to look after a cat which needed injections. As soon as he put the needle in it bolted and he ended up chasing it round the house with a syringe in its neck.


Just putting flea drops on a cats neck is a job in itself. I wouldn't like to think how mine would react to an injection.