Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



our neighbours came round the other day to tell us they’re getting kittens and want advice. émile’s gonna be an uncle!!!


whenever i’m watching supervet or something and they have to give cats injections i’m like :grimacing: can’t believe they managed it pretty well most times


some people really have a knack for it. when it comes to giving our boy tablets, cutting his nails etc. I just can’t do it at all and he wriggles away but my bf is great at it.


Where are you based? From some of his behaviour sounds like a stray who was owned, but if you contact your vet they will tell you a nearby shelter. Shame you can’t adopt him as he’s clearly chosen you!


Oop in yorkshire. Council have form for not trying very hard to rehome animals. Was talking to the TV yesterday and she said he seems happy enough atm. He’s made a little den outside the flat under this big tree, we’ve set up some food and water bowls for him and yesterday we let him chill in the front hall with the living room door closed so he was in the house but separated from my cat, who actually serms really intrigued by the new guy. They were just looking at each other through the door windows, purring and rolling about showing their bellies to each other. If I knew he’d had his jabs/could afford to pay for them (and a neutering) then based on how mojo has responded so far we’d let him live with us full time, no question.

FWIW, our building is set well back from the road and next to our ground floor flat there’s a patch of woods so him making his den next to ours is ideal since he’s sheltered and well away from cars and people. Plus on hot days we open our front door so he can have a cool and a snooze in our hall.


Ah dang, I’d have volunteered otherwise/would maybe have known something.

Seems happy and sheltered enough from what you say, so that’s good! (My GF’s parents were doing the same for a cat by them for about 18 months and after that they let her in to join the family of 4 other cats)


Yeah i like that idea of informal adoption. If he’s still knocking about come pay day I’m quite tempted to spring for his shots and the op.


Yeah, see how he goes! At least it sounds like he’s doing alright, happy fed and sheltered and you’re able to keep an eye out in case anything happens :slightly_smiling_face:




I would definitely take him to see if he’s chipped. worst that will happen is he’s not and you’re back to square one.


I love cats


Anyone see Tia on supervet? :heart_eyes_cat:


Yaaas. Bring on the cat photos.


There are TWO cats and they’re equally adorable so will be spamming a lot. Only got here a few hours ago and we’re already BFFs again (I pretend they remember me from like 2-3 years ago)


I am sure that they not only remember you, but have been looking forward to your return.


Perhaps attach a paper collar to him with a note and your phone number. So if the cat goes home they can confirm that he’s got a home or not.


I did once spend a full month with them!


Hung out with two of my friends’ cats last night, took the best one ever of Ernie


I had that rug as a kid


Got both cats in bed with me right now, purring away on each side of me. No better way to fall asleep