Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



he’s an all time cat, and believe me, I’ve met a lot of cats. beats up foxes and loves cuddles.







First one is yesterday afternoon on the massive terrace overlooking the actual ocean. Second is what I woke up to this morning :slight_smile:

EDIT: ooops, other way around



My local pub had this little babe in it last night, she was very keen to be fussed over.



I think I wouldn’t actually want for anything else.


Sara (top pic) and Oliver :blue_heart:


Omg :heart_eyes:


Here’s a couple of outlaws getting to know each other:


The black cat is just out of sight but this is how mojo reacted last night when his new pal came round.

This is a good sign right?



It’s too hot for this kitty :pouting_cat:



(I did warn you I’d spam this thread)


Dass a good cat!


Hanging out with this guy today - Smokey the barn cat


this is a very handsome cat


She’s a proper softy despite how grumpy she always tends to look when photographed :smile_cat:


omg he looks JUST like Sara, the all grey one in my pics! Will try to get a pic of her face tomorrow to show you. (Like, there are some different facial traits but the colour and the tiny super soft little paws and everything is SO similar, twinsies like)