Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Ok @Pale-eyedBadger, imagine if she'd had her eyes closed as well yeah


Wow they could be twins!


Guess it's time for breakfast.


You would think he wouldn't be in the greenhouse in this weather, coming from Siberia and all that. But nope. Cat's gonna cat.


some of his little cute spots to sit


I look at this picture and have a song going through my head.

'cat in a box, cat in a box,
la la la,
there's a cat in a box'

Is it just me?


Spamming this thread with another cat that isn't mine - this dude glaring me down at the top of the street:


just you, i'm afraid!!


I think you are right. I'll see myself out.



These two devils are 'Rocky' Rocket and 'Sadie' Shadow, and they are the best thing that happened to me in the last year. This photo is them patiently waiting for me to open the toy draw so they can through themselves at me.


This is possibly my favourite picture on the whole thread.



Sara was kind enough to help me with my crosswords earlier:

Oliver is currently asleep on my lap, faintly meowing at something in his dreams. ADORABLE.


I really fancy a cigarette but they're in my pocket so can't reach them without waking him :scream_cat:


Sooty had just brought in his 5th kill of the week. :frowning:


Our downstairs neighbour has a lovely little kitten, but no cat flap in their back door so he sits outside mewing most evenings.

We have a cat flap but no cat. The cat has worked out that if he doesn't get let in by his own humans at night, he can get into our flat through the flap as the lock doesn't work. All fine and dandy for the last few weeks, we have a friendly little cat visitor every now and then.

Backfired yesterday: he brought us a dead bird. Feathers everywhere. Cat was very quick to leave (with the bird, thankfully).


Do any of your cats snore because Sara snores a lot


Maya does. She also makes 'hmph' noises when awake.


We need a new road safety instructor.