Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



He’s been like this for 10 minutes.


my cat usually eats half of the kill before bringing it home. definitely worse.


:open_mouth: :sob:


does anyone else find their cat to just be too adorable… like it distracts me and I could just watch him sleeping for hours. can’t be healthy.


What you are witnessing here is what is known scientifically as a ‘blep’. Here is an illustrated guide (it’s of dogs but works for cats as well)


I posted a great mlem from my parents dog in the dog thread.


We’re obsessed with our two, so you aren’t alone.


he started shaking his head and this happened :DDD


Last photo: cyclops cat


someone needs to photoshop a lazer beam in


actually laughing out loud at the last pic. incredible :smiley:


'scuse me is this seat free? (he didn’t want me to post this cause he thinks he looks fat)


I’m not fat, I have a primordial pouch


fuck, I wish I had a nice camera for shots like these.


We used to say that Ellie had ‘heavy fur’


Sara is a great looking cat. I do like a grey cat. Smokie has the loudest purr I have heard and likes to lick the hand of whoever is petting him.


Sara also purrs super loud! And she has licked my hands and my nose while I’ve been here.


…and continuing the grey theme… this is Smokie’s half brother Spot (R.I.P. …sad times) and Louie our dog


Magnificent pair! (That’s what she said?)