Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




just going through pictures on my phone, here's another neighbourhood cat that used to visit from time to time (used to climb in the bathroom window on the second floor if we left it open)



Bought the new Thundercat CD today.
Loving this summery song about his cat, Turbo Tron Over 9000 Baby Jesus Sally.


oh my gosh


She's too much :sob:

(Hope Instagram vids don't auto play)


what are cats even doing half the time! little cute murder machines


I become more and more obsessed with cats every day. it's like an illness.


Just rolling about, dreaming about killing stuff?


A girl I used to work with told me that we should put him into cat shows.

So I can imagine this means getting up at 4am on a Sunday, sticking him in a cage and driving 5 hours to a sports hall in Preston. Then having loads of people look at him and prod him all day before making the return journey.

Quite frankly Viktor would rather spend that time on the sofa eating cheese and crisps. We would all rather do that to be honest. He's quite happy with his life as it is.


They love it up there


yeah I think those things are kinda objectionable but also, in the age of the internet cat video, very redundant :cat2:


My parents tried that 'draw a square on the carpet and see if your cat sits in it' thing. Mixed results:


Think the cat's just toying with them there.


His markings are amazing. Like a two tone tiger.


I know right, he's so handsome :tiger:





this just popped up on my Facebook, like I can see the woman on the left is some sort of vet or dog groomer but what is the guy on the right? like imagine your job was dancing barefoot with cats on an island somewhere. like obviously sign me up but I'm not sure that exists?


It's the fifth birthday of getting the cats today.