Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Just invested in a HEPA air filter and the doctor has prescribed an asthma inhaler. Breathing got really bad at the weekend.

But they are SO cute.


Here’s one i took of Jessica and Moonlight on the weekend

Jessica is the one in the bucket


FB advertising needs some work. I keep getting adverts for pregnancy exercise classes. I mean, FB ought to know I am a cat obsessed weirdo, considering how many pictures I post, but there you go.

Also, sign me up for the cat dancing job. I know someone who works for the CPL round here. They have to get people to go ‘kitten cuddling’ to socialise them. So ‘cat dancer/kitten cuddler’ is my new dream vocation. BRB just going to get some business cards made up.


lol my cat’s not even British


So sweet. Sunlight is like kryptonite to cats.


Me earlier trying to get her to look in the right bloody direction

Mixed results/my concentrating face looks a bit concerning


Really in the mood for space shit lately. Has there been any good modern space waz?

Lads, Lasses, and People of All Other Genders/Non-Genders, it's Saturday



Oh dear


Where’s the cat?


Oh, it’s on your lap, nvm


Thought you were talking about the space cat for a minute :sweat_smile:


One of the neighbour cats guarding the bins:


Carmen is killing a shrew right now


A little disturbing.


@carmen ??


Still not sure how he gets up here


Littl bastard has LITERALLY given me asthma


We had to lock the cat flap as the downstairs cat was being a nuisance in the middle of the night. He now sits on the fence outside the kitchen and meows incessantly until he’s let in.


Classic cat behaviour.