Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

Amazing , thanks :pray:

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She’s buried herself face first between my legs, like a massage table


Well, it is Thursday


Please don’t eat the spoon, Winnie


Winnie luv spoon

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They both love the jar of biscuits, and digging their paws in it and trying to scoop out as much as they can whilst trying to stuff their faces at the same time.

We took Sausage (the black cat) to the vets for his first annual booster this week. We were pretty apprehensive about it, as he is such an anxious cat, and always hides from anyone he sees or that comes to the door. When we out him in the car carrier he was miaowing constantly for the 15-20 minutes it took to carry him to the vet. But when we got to the vet he then became super quiet and mostly relaxed. I had no idea how he was going to get vaccinated, as he would normally try and escape and flail like his life is in danger. But he acted like he was completely doped out. Even managed to get the vet to clip his claws, as we have no chance to do that at home because he freaks out so much.

Anyhow, vet visit was a success, and he’s back to his normal self at home again (following Carl Sagan around everywhere in the flat).


Actually, I have a cat insurance question.

I got both cats insured a year ago (they would have been 1 year old and 5-6 months old at the time). I had a search online and went with M&S Insurance, and it was £157 for the pair of them for the year. They’ve now sent me a new bill for this year which will be £207, so pretty much a 25% increase. They’ve mentioned the cost will probably increase each year as they get older, but is it likely to go up a similar amount each year? And I assume it’s not going to be much cheaper to shop around each year to get new deals?
Probably best to leave it as it is, but just curious!

Foxy called for Fig again

(So cute but also stop barking at my window at midnight)


My cat is also quite anxious, miaows all the way to the vet but is totally passive once she gets there. Mind you, she is very tame generally, not scratchy or bitey even when she’s being given a pill or put in the cat carrier, which she hates. (She did piss on me once when I was trying to put her in the carrier though)

Same with Katie - she’s a nervous wreck and miaows piteously on the way to the vet, but is perfectly calm with the vet. I think the combination of being trapped and in a noisy, vibrating car environment terrifies her. She once managed to break out of her cat box on the way home from a cattery visit; having a petrified cat pinball around the car and trying to climb onto my lap whilst on a dual carriageway is not an experience I wish to repeat :grimacing:

I keep seeing photos/videos online of people with cats/kittens just loose in the car or held by a passenger and thinking, that could go really wrong if you’re not careful :grimacing:

It was absolutely horrible TBH. She was climbing onto the bonnet, trying to get under my feet, everything. Luckily the traffic was quiet at the time, and it got better when she clambered onto my lap and trembled there. Made driving a bit trickier but I was 10 miles from home and decided I should press on. Figured I’d never get her back in the box in that cramped environment if I stopped, and trying would stress her out even more, and I was terrified if I tried to get out she’d bolt and either get killed on the road or vanish forever. So I carried on as best I could, got home, grabbed her tight and carried her indoors. Such a palaver. Cats :rofl:


Mine hates being in the car. Made the mistake the first time I took him to the vets of putting the cat box on the passenger seat with the grill facing me. He reached his paw out and scratched me every time I changed gear…


My mum’s old cat would dirty protest in his box within about five minutes of the car pulling out, but letting him out of the box would avoid that - so we basically had to.

Getting him - a Siamese with a bit of a temper - back in at the other end was always fun :grimacing::smiley:

(He also shouted so much and so nasally that we got asked to wait outside at the vets, because he would distress the other animals)

Hi everyone. Sooty has just passed away. :frowning:

Oh mate, no. I’m so sorry :disappointed:

Aw man :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re ok

So, so sorry. I loved your you and Sooty pictures. :heart:

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Oh no, so sorry to hear this and hope you’re doing OK

Oh no, so sorry to hear that. I hope you are ok :heart: