Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)

Hi all, I’m numb it was so quick.

This morning came into my room, doing his usually thing of cuddling into me, purring manically and tapping me on the head.

Then he went downstairs and I heard him crying, went down assuming he wanted to be let out, but noticed he was walking funny. Then he just collapsed, picked him up and he trying walking but his back legs were dead. Phoned the emergency vets and got him there in 10 minutes.

They took him in, due to covid we couldn’t go in. They came out and said he had a huge blood clot like gizmo had. It was massive, they said they could try and thin it with drugs, but he had a 5% chance of recovery and he’s be in pain and unable to move for weeks or months.

They advised to let him go, so the vet brought him back to the car, put him on my lap for a few minutes and then put him to sleep while he passed away.

My mental health has been shit lately, I just go quiet on here when it is as I have nothing to say. Sooty was my little mate,not sure how I’ll cope without him.

My last photo, rip mate.


I’m so sorry :two_hearts:
It’s such a traumatic thing to go through but you 100% did the right thing. It wouldn’t have been fair to him to put him through pain and discomfort and he went knowing how much you loved and cared about him. He came in for those snuggles with you this morning because he loved you too!

I know how hard it can be and you will feel really upset for a week or so but one day it will just flip over and you will only be filled with memories of the lovely time you spent together xx


So sorry to hear this pal :heart:


Thanks I’m guessing Gizmo and Sooty must have both had hereditary heart deflects.

Gizmo passed aged 6 and Sooty at 8. There was absolutely no sign from Sooty though, apart from him being very homely the last few weeks.

I’m so sorry :heart:


I’m so so sorry. You were great friends and he knew he was loved


oh mate, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you’re doing OK. Poor, poor Sooty. It sounds like you did the right thing, and at least he didn’t suffer :frowning:


My heart absolutely goes out to you @ynot, you did the absolute best for your boys and it was obvious that they adored you. :heart:


Oh no, so sorry to hear this


Oh @ynot I am so, so sorry :cry::heart: It was obvious how much Sooty was loved and what a sweet relationship you had with him.
Rest in peace, your beautiful boy x


So sorry to hear that, pal.


So sorry to hear this man, utterly heartbreaking. You gave him a wonderful life and he was so loved. Hope you’re holding up OK, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.


I’m not really feel anything at the moment, it doesn’t feel real. He was absolutely fine one minute.

With Gizmo we knew he didn’t have long, but we had a year with him. Keep expecting him to walk in.


Same happened with our old cat, undetected heart condition, seemed fine if a little clingy hours before, then we lost her. Heartbreaking, feel for you. :heart:


That’s so sad, really sorry to hear that. You definitely did the right thing though.


Sooty was always super clingy, maybe more so lately.

At least one of my last memories was him purring on my bed and bopping my head.

Tesco food delivery just turned up which included even more cat food, I’ve got loads.

I’ll think I’ll donate to the same rescue I donated Gizmos medicated food to. Unless anyone fancies it.




I am so sorry. emot-sympathy

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I understand. It sucks so very much.

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My bed was his bed. :heart: