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I’ve got the air conditioner on and am venting the hose into a room I don’t currently use. That means this room is the warmest in the house.

Audrey disappeared and I’ve just found her lounging on the table in said room. Look at this adorable idiot:


I should add, the floors throughout the downstairs of my house are tiled and therefore cool. In addition to the table in the warmest room, she has also spent time on a blanket on the sofa and in a box. :laughing: My other cat, Norma sat on my lap a while ago.


I’ve seen this mentioned on a few cat rescue pages.
If you feed your cats AVA or applelaws dry food, you might want to stop.

my gran is really excited that i’m getting a cat and she’s sending me one of these


Sainburys dry food as well. There could be others but any food with the code GB218E5009 should not be used and returned for a refund.

Hope the cat enjoys the box it gets delivered in.


what’s everyone feeding their cats on btw? always used to just do whiskas or whatever because that’s what they came to me eating, but gonna think about it more this time.

read into raw diets too and it’d probably be doable here because i’ve got a big chest freezer, and offal and good quality is very available and not that pricey.

My two have been whining all day to be let into the conservatory which is boiling hot. The nice cool hall, not interested.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:laughing: :laughing:

Test photo of a very warm cat


Love your cat names :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! They’re Twin Peaks inspired :grin:

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Mine is extremely fussy so it must be sheba fine flakes in jelly, fish or poultry flavours or we’d never hear the end of it

I wouldn’t feed mine raw meat, I wouldn’t be convinced that a domestic cat can reliably withstand the kinds of bacteria that you get in a chicken or whatever

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apparently they have a really acidic and quick digestive system so it isn’t as big of an issue as with dogs, but from what i’ve read, it can still be an issue. gonna do some more reading on it anyway.

might talk about it with the vet actually too.

I change what I feed them every few weeks because they suddenly decide they don’t want to eat the food they’ve been eating for the past month or so! They love Whiskers Crunch on top of their food so much that I’ve taken to calling it ‘cat crack’.

The vet told me some biscuits in their diet helps clean their teeth so I try to add these but have to be careful as they puke most brands up. Iams is usually fine.

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Katie is quite particular and only eats Sheba poultry in jelly, Sheba fish in jelly, and Gourmet Ocean Feast with Shrimp. She usually goes off one of the Shebas for a wee while, but never seems to tire of the Gourmet. I chop and change her biscuits, but it’s usually the Purina One stuff either in chicken or salmon flavour. She’s got some fishy Crave going at the moment too (it was on offer) which she seems to like. She also supplements her diet with fresh rat, vole, mouse, shrew and songbird as she sees fit…


This will probably come up in your reading but you’d probably need to be careful about their essential nutrients because offal isn’t the same nutritionally as whole mice and that. My parents had a cat that they used to feed on fish (no idea if raw or cooked). He got unwell and started losing fur, and the vet said he wasn’t getting all the right vitamins and minerals. They switched him to cat food and he recovered.

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you need to buy the vitamin supplements and add that to what you’re making - they come as a complete formula or you can just buy them separately. but yeah, just feeding them raw meat off the bone is the same as starving them.

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Think when they are kittens the advice is to feed them the same brand as what they’ve been raised on, which was felix kitten chunks and iams biscuits for mine

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