Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



This documentary on stray cats in Istanbul is out here at the end of June


Drawer boy (he loves it in there)


Good news: Chihiro is better and coming home from the vets’ tomorrow! :smile:


Man, that cat can look into your soul.


live right now, massive group cuddle


he looks so like ours!!


I seriously seriously recommend this show


Just remembered this


Tilly The Cat. Hobbies : sleeping; catching birds, eating their heads and leaving everything else; ignoring all food that isn’t dry cat food in her bowl; glaring at the tortoise when we give her too much attention


At my gas families house there is a cat that visits. Not sure if it’s stray because it’s quite friendly, but is skinny enough and always wants food. They can’t take it in at all because One of her family is allergic to cats so that’s out the window. I’m considering buying some stuff to kill any fleas that might be on it, but I’m not sur if that would be bad form if it has owners! I know it goes at least half a mile up the road as well, and it’s quite happy to enter people’s houses if doors are left open. He also seems old enough, judging by his teeth.

Any advice?


Tie a note to its collar on make a paper one asking them to call you.


does it smell bad? sometimes you can tell from the piss smell if its a stray. you can also check for fleas yourself.

even really scrony cats might not be strays could just be really badly looked after or recent rescues. either way, if it’s skinny and doesn’t seem to be in pain then feeding it healthy cat food (not cheap, salty wet food!) will be fine.

if you’re concerned, you can borrow a cat box and take it to the vet to see if it it’s chipped - they won’t charge.


@DarwinBabe cheers! Will take some action soon


Don’t go too far though!


This is why I’m. Worried! It’s not my house and the cat is very social! It’s only started visiting in the last 2 months, but I know my cat cheats on me for food! Better safe than sorry!


yeah that is fucking weird though…

we had a really scrony smelly cat visiting us who seemed to be half starved so took him to the vet and it was one of our neighbour’s but they’d only just adopted him and he’d basically left their house and got lost straight away and didn’t know where his house was. could be a scenario like that. as I say, check for fleas and signs that it is being neglected.


We took Chihiro to the vet today for some check-ups. She got a clean bill of health and is starting to gain weight.

Still grumpy about having to stay inside.


I got back from holiday earlier, we had someone come and feed the cats while we were away but Gizmos been super clingy tonight.

Here’s the handsome devil


Daisy hardly ever goes outside (not because we haven’t tried, but because she’s fucking terrified of everything in the world) - we were so happy when she came this far up the garden yesterday.

All that bravery meant she is has been tanked out asleep all day. Poor old girl’s gotta get her energy back.


Just got back to see this angelic looking cat devouring a mouse whole.