Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



why’s life so hard?


She’s got anxiety, like both her mums. I’d need a nap too.


Cute file names!


Some of the many expressions of amour (who totally lives up to his name)


Thinking about it he looks ill or something but he’s ok just hot, looked so cute with his tongue poking out irl but he looks anxious idk (basically he is ok)


can people please post more in this thread? thankyou


Here’s a photo I already posted in another thread!



When he was a 7.5 week old kitten :heart_eyes:


wow :heart_eyes:


reminds me of


Those blue, blue EYES :heart_eyes_cat:


does anyone else play ‘no you close your eyes first!’ with their cat?

you lie down and gradually close your eyes trying to get the other one to close theirs too. if you open them too widely the other one will see you’ve still got your eyes open and it’ll keep going on like that until one of you can see the other has their eyes completely closed and is having a nap.


Spooky got a new box over the weekend! She’s almost ten and playing about in this like a lil kitten :smile_cat:


I should get a job


Sure. I mainly post Gizmo photos as It’s hard to get a Sooty photo as he’s either out or he’s just a black blob. But here’s one from yesterday.


No idea why that’s rotated.


We don’t have a cat, but do have this year’s Maru calendar, if this helps:



El Gato is our boy


The fact that he’s a shelter rescue is the icing on the cake.