Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Personally I enjoy the fact that Corbyn called his cat ‘the cat’ and whistles a song to get him back in the house


El Gato Absoluto


Are your cats big mousers?

I had fun and games this morning as one of the cats brought in as big mouse and let it go, so it was hiding behind a radiator. Managed to poke it out with a stick and captured it with an old ice cream carton before the cats nabbed it. It seemed ok so I released of a field nearby.


Yes. Have been as many as three times in a week. A lot of moving furniture and trapping them with Tupperware. They get put back outside only for the game to begin again.

You can usually tell as Xander comes in and meows…but it sounds weird as he has a rodent in his gob.


Just got back to find another one. Dead this time. I think Sootys record is 4 in a day.

I know that muffled miow sound well.


my dad named our cat γατούλα (kitten). she was one at the time but she’s now a rather large adult cat



(Second one photographer’s own)


@kittiesbot is my new favourite twitter account, 10/10


I’ve gotten really into saying meow in different languages




I don’t have a cat, here are some I’ve encountered


There’s a program about the Croydon/M25/UK cat killer about to start on BBC1 now. Hopefully it won’t be too graphic but raises awareness.


How much do you feed your cats and what do you feed them? Carmen gets 1/2 a pouch of wet meat mixed with dry food twice a day but always wants more! she also gets a hefty amount of treats for being cute!



we don’t give Émile wet food anymore, just healthy dry food so he doesn’t get overweight (as an indoor cat). treats every now and again and sometimes he gets to lick dinner plates clean.


got mad upset leaving behind Emmett earlier, even though my trip is short - I had a bad dream about him, and also he was really showing some symptoms of his dementia today which was really heartbreaking.


We don’t given them wet food either as the vets said it’s bad for their teeth. It probably doesn’t help Sootys teeth when he sits on my shoulder eating my Shreddies or Cheerios in the morning.


Mealy mouth is naughty like that too. He loves it when I’ve had some granola or something and left the bowl next to the sink with a little bit of sweet almond milk.


the cat emojis have changed. I like the old ones better.


My sister’s cat needs to talk to you about something…