Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)





Carmen insists on sitting here even though it’s where the cars park! Stupid idiot

Rolling round on the tarmac also gets her dusty! I’ll never understand her


I know this is the cat thread but someone on my street has a dog who likes to have a little lie down in the road when he’s being taken for walks


This lad’s come round to sit on my windowsill even though I’m sitting outside the front door


As the cat thread needs a bump. Our two cats have just cuddled up, they’ve not done this in years.


Not sure you can get up here from down there mate.


our neighbours recently got a couple of these and our wee boy sits at the window like :heart_eyes_cat:


find cats like that a bit fit and they know it


oh designer breeds you mean? ;D


pearl’s evil twin (ET) (not actually related, or our cat) has taken to making itself comfortable.






they’re everywhere


Ichi’s started doing this thing where she sits on her bum so her back legs sort of shoot slightly up and outwards. I am tirelessly trying to photograph this hilarious phenomenon.



A few recent friends:

Neighbour’s cat who looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo

This beautiful creature was very friendly and soft

Grumpiest cat I’ve ever met, could hear their meow half way down the street


What a handsome chap that tuxedo cat is. But I think all tux cats are, our Gizmo is a very handsome chap, and he’s knows it.




<3 <3


my mummy is gonna go see that at the cinema