Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



We saw this last night, it was excellent. Istanbul looks amazing, and the cats are… well, they’re cats, they behave exactly like cats do everywhere in the world, and are therefore brilliant from start to finish.


Was watching first dates usa last night, there was some on there for whom owning a cat was a complete deal breaker, most odd


I think my neighbours have the only cat that doesn’t hide at the first sight of people.

Always comes up to you in the car park or waits on the doorstep for you to give him some fuss…

Used to always run in through our door when he was a kitten, even though he lives in the next block

Does have a habit of climbing on cars though

Not really a fan of cats, but he’s lovely


This scraggy lad started hanging around the car park about 2 months back - not sure where he appeared from but was obviously homeless.

The ginger fella’s owners started feeding him and have now ‘adopted’ him which is nice


My friend posted this on instagram and it has really tickled me


Why do you always get to meet such great cats??? It’s unfair!


Girlfriend was out the other night. Viktor came and sat next to me on the sofa. He was touching me, and flipped onto his side and was clutching my arm. Then he went on the other side and was resting his paws on my leg from there.

I told the other half and said it was so sweet and I loved the fact he was so affectionate. She pointed out I was sat in his favourite spot and it was 99% certain he was trying to move me out the way. I walked into the lounge and sure enough, there he was sat in his spot. Looking at me with a big shit eating grin on his face.

Cats, eh?


kitty I’m hanging out with this week (name: Lancelot du Lac)


I don’t get it :frowning:


What a great name to go with such a great looking cat. I bet it’s interesting calling him in at night though.


he normally gets called Lancelot or Lance


There’s nothing to get really, just think the sculpture is hilarious


ah ok, I had a very similar replica on my bookcase growing up




If I didn’t have Facebook I would spend all day making these and posting them to my friends.


it’s been a day and I miss my cat so much. apparently he seems like he misses me too :slightly_frowning_face:


Could have sworn I posted this. Sorry if I have already. I lose track


Dougie sleeping on his back in my arms. He loves being picked up and held like that. He goes into a semi trance. Always ends it abruptly jumping off and scratching me with his back paws.

Stylised face close up!


Top one looks like a mistimed selfie


Love it when they cuddle up together, it’s so cute even though they are so huge now it doesn’t look very comfortable when they squeeze into a one-cat space

Also they’re a year old on the 21st! And my best cat anter died a year ago today, he was actually the best cat in the world, don’t think another cat could ever live up to him. He was so bloody intelligent, you could creep his name into a sentence and he’d still look up as he recognised it. He was so polite too, never going into your bedroom until you invited him and then he would come and go, but if you uninvited him by physically removing him then he wouldn’t come back until you let him in again. Also cause he was a rescue cat he wasn’t a lap cat at all and preferred sitting next to you rather than on you. The cats I have now will literally sleep quite happily with their heads nestled under my chin. But anter didn’t go for that shite but when you were sad he knew and would let you cuddle him for as long as you needed. The best cat ever :two_hearts: