Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




Alright love, what you wearin?



Is it me, or does that cat have a tiny, tiny head?

(No, I do not have a tiny head and so on)


Yes, he has a small head and such a huge body. As in he’s fat and large AND has long hair.


DAT CAT IS GINORMOUS!! : cat heart eyes emoji :


This cat has taken to popping by on occasion, he’s a handsome chap (definitely a ‘he’ btw, despite being fairly small. Either that or she’s got a couple of awkwardly placed large moth balls)

In ‘socialising a cat that originally hated us’ news, we’ve progressed to ‘strongly disliked, but starting to become curious’. She popped her head up from behind the couch like a periscope the other day, and is content to stay on her soft mat behind the sofa and look at us when we say hello (as opposed to squirm under the sofa). Still not happy with us approaching her though. She’s taken to exploring the flat at night a lot more - if we leave our bedroom door open, she’ll sniff around the room, doesn’t run off if you turn a phone-torch on. So slowly slowly catchy monkey, but feels like it’s a matter of time now.

  1. What a beautiful cat.

  2. That’s good news, as long as it’s progress…albeit quite slow. Before you know it she will be sat on your head 23 hours a day and you will be remembering the time she was shy and you could actually do stuff without her on you… :wink:


Surprised look from Monty after I grabbed her arse


can see about eight things in this picture that she wants to play with


One of ours didn’t come back last night. Actually feel sick with worry.

His brother’s acting all weird.


We’ve had this happen twice. First time he came back after about three days, absolutely dripping wet and starving. God knows what had happened but he would not let us out of his sight for a few days. Second time a different cat went missing and just came strolling back about three days later as though nothing had happened.

Fingers crossed.


They’re such a pair of mummy’s boys and always come in at night I’m just worried he’s got stuck somewhere. I’ve been round the block to check the roads and stuff so I don’t think it’s that.


He’s back!



Calcifer is always going off on long lone adventures during the summer. He scared me a lot last summer when he went missing for 24 hours when we got back from Sweden.


“Don’t know what you were fussing about mate”


glad he’s turned up. we have in the past shut a neighbour’s cat in our garage for hours by accident (we found it after i heard it knocking stuff over in the night and thought it was a burglar!). i worry a bit that a cat could get shut in there and we might not notice for a couple of days or more.

ours once managed to get itself locked in the boot of my mum’s car for 2 hours


so so so happy to hear this


i can never ever get cats to look at the camera


Saw this cat recently, tried to do the aloof cat thing, but then lost its cool when I didn’t follow them with the camera


think my wife is a bit embarassed at having gone full leaflet/poster attack + social media campaign after only a day.

still it worked I reckon. he does smell of old sheds.