Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




More cats (and kittens!) that don’t belong to me:


Does this work? Cotton desperate to impress Candy; decks it, to her nonplussed indifference.

[edit] no, it does not :frowning:

Here is a pic of her at home instead


I’m quite glad it’s pouring down outside. The cats are staying in for a change. They’ve been like strangers lately.


Same here. All four of us curled up on the sofa. Was really nice.


They’ve both attempted to go out but come back drenched.

I think they’ve given up


when i got home from work today i found my cat sheltering by the front door miaowing at me to let her in so she didn’t have to go round the side to the cat flap


Yeah, Daisy has actually come and sat next to me, and even briefly sat on my lap for the first time in weeks!

She breaks my heart


saw this absolute lad just chillin’ outside the bank today




But what are they looking at?


goth cat. if @Ruffers was a cat, this is what he’d be up to, clambering on old gravestones


the third kitten found his “forever home”, which is sad, but also nice.


I can’t this this enough. He’s got the exact same markings as my childhood cat Basil. It’s just me in cat form.


…the binman. #greatcontent


I think Socks is getting a bit sick of me following him around with a camera.


Am house sitting for 2 dogs and this stealthy fella.


Socks looks near identical to our Gizmo. Even the little white hairs behind his neck.

I had a bit of a worry last night, Sooty didn’t come in when called, and someone posted on the local Facebook group that another decapitated cat had been found. Sooty finally rolled in without a care in the world at 4am.


:cat: does not like being locked outside