Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Just caught Gizmo in the act and he didn’t care


Gained shy cat’s trust (possibly different cat)


After another local cat killing, I randomly posted on a Facebook thread that I’m going to start going for evening walks to try and catch this evil bastard.

It seems I may have inadvertently started a neighbourhood patrol group as others want to do the same.

I’m calling it Paw Patrol.


Reckon crimes like that should be treated more seriously, seems quite likely that they could move on to people


Yeah they’ve killed around 300 cats and foxes so far. It’s mainly local to here but he also travels all over the country.


my mate made an instagram for his cat, which i thought was silly, but it is fucking adorable


these cats are everywhere all of a sudden. What gives




What’s this for?


Carpal horn/pad

“It’s called the carpal pad and its function serves as an anti-skid insurance policy for any crash landings as they race around full speed.”


The cat who lives round the corner finally let me pat him.


well it’s stupid looking and they should evolve it away.



Had a similar thing happen to me recently! A kitty round near my friends block of flats is terrified of him but was more than happy to let me stroke it’s belly. My friend was dead jealous.


HEY LOOK WHO IT IS!!! I’m catsitting my favourites again :purple_heart:


And she couldn’t be happier!!!111!!


Hahah! She’s deep into cuddle mode and was also a bit confused by my phone charger dangling in front of her face. But honest to god, these cats LOVE me.


There was a kitten in my car there, ran off as soon as I got home and it’s hiding in some shrubs don’t think I’ll be able to find it though


Was meawing on the shrubs for an hour, now it’s stopped :frowning: It was probably injured from being in the car the poor thing. Feel so bad for not being able to help it.

Should have just grabbed the critter :frowning:


Spent another 6 hours trying to catch it. Nearly did at one stage but it bit Me and got away. Tomorrow tomorrow