Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Here’s Toccata, just chilling out on the landing.


Babies :heart: (obvs annoyed that I wasn’t letting them outside but it was like 4am)


(Cat update)
Saw it under my car today, I think it’s eating carmens food. Quite vocal when it thinks it’s alone, so it’s crying for its mummy :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: left loads of food out for it, but I won’t be about until Wednesday to catch it and my parents have no interest in it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Still not sure how to handle a scared kitten once I get it…


Have you checked for any missing cat posters from around where it got in your car?


There aren’t any, I should knock on doors and ask if they had a kitten but I think it’s most likely feral!


maybe you could call rspca or blue cross


Dougie drinks, Dougie sleeps.


Sleeping one again (didn’t seem to work above)




just fitted that exact cat flap at the weekend.

they don’t seem to like it.

EDIT : might be slightly different as I think it has more grey locky bits to do “curfew” mode.


We’ve got one of those cats flaps, its pretty good for keeping other visiting cats out.

Sooty just bounds through it full pelt, but Gizmo is always apprehensive of it, he’ll spend about 5 minutes in the morning, just pawing it open and shut, just to make sure its open before he attempts to leave. That may be down to the fact that Sooty often sits on the other side out of site, ready to pounce on him as soon as he puts his head through.


the little clicky auto mechanism really upset cotton when we first fitted it. he put his head near it, it’d click, and he’d get unsure


yeah they don’t like that click. I keep shoving them through which probably doesn’t help.


:smiley: i started leaving him outside, then showing him i was opening his treats packet. he figured it out soon enough.


Got these two in September 2015 after Bonnie passed away at the ripe old age of 16



And here they are, posing for a potential home-made Christmas card:


Just had to throw out a dead mouse, second one in my week of catsitting. Absolute worst thing about outdoors cats (which I am by all means in favour of).

RIP mouse


really need some cat people to support me here…

a beautiful little siamese cat followed me home last night. i tried calling the number on the collar, couldn’t get through, tried calling vets, none were open etc. I had to go to work so carried the cat in my arms back to where he’d first followed me. he got scared by a loud noise and jumped form my arms and ran away into some bushes. I’ve been trying to contact the owner all day while being at work and having had very little sleep. the owner is out looking for him now. I can’t stop crying thinking about what might have happened to him and I feel so guilty for not doing more to try to get him home or waiting with him instead of going to work.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

just need other people who understand how upset I am right now :frowning:


maybe people don’t quite feel this upset about other people’s cats going missing but it’s just really hit me how much I miss mine and I feel unbelievably homesick and just want to see my cat :frowning:


:cry: hope he turns up soon


thank you. anyone who prays please pray for this little guy getting home ok :cat: