Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Sub-thread - favourite cats in films/TV shows? Some of mine:

Jones (Alien)

Unnamed (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night)

Ulysses (Inside Lewyn Davis)

Blanche/Snowflake (Hausu)



Durr wrong thread


Not a cat person but the black metal cats twitter account has just done me @evilbmcats




Toccata looking moody.


Two friends on the way back from the shop last night.


Milo looking a little sorry for himself after a night with the emergency vet. Looks like he’s taken a bit of a knock from a car or something. Scuffed and ripped claws, a few grazes and a bit of a limp. After observing him yesterday, he’s still hobbling a bit, so I’ll probably get him x-rayed after his check-up tonight.


What a handsome chap. I hope he’s ok.


Jessica looking small the other day


cats are always changing size, aren’t they? crafty buggers.


she is small most of the time to be fair


:sob: gws milo!!!


I’m sure he’ll be fine, but he’s certainly grounded for a bit! Much to his chagrin as his brother went out and caught a bird this morning! :angry::angry::angry: Why he thinks we’ll want it, I’ll never know


I need to get this cat basket.


That backing track add so much though


He barely fits in there bless him


Also this cat is the most pliant, sweet natured animal ive ever seen, his brother is just a regular cat who is very cuddly but on his own terms. This one will let you pick him up and carry him any way you like and he loves to be carried like a baby. Also he licks your face in greeting :sob: he is part ragdoll and apparently they are like that but omg it’s the best he’s an actual angel


get well soon Milo!!


so similar to mine its making me sooo homesick :disappointed_relieved: