Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Not impressed…


I have a christmas tradition of taking a photo of my cat ‘wearing’ the paper hat from a cracker and looking equally unimpressed



That squirrel’s got a lot of snow attached to it


My cat thinks he’s a bad man atm, keeps rolling across the laptop keyboard and giving me the old evil eye :rofl:


I think cats are great


Made a new friend





Have you guys seen Keanu? Could relate to the whole thing. Wont spoiler it but i can see myself doing the same things to get my cat back.


Gizmo is getting wise to his meds and its becoming harder to trick him. I’m hoping we don’t have to start forcibly giving them to him :frowning:


I wouldnt feel bad. Mealy hates pills but we just hold open his mouth and give him dreamies and almond milk afterwards.



That’s your christmas card design sorted.


Haha, my girlfriend has already mocked up a nativity scene with this fluffy idiot as the angel gabriel.

I wish I was joking.


Gizmo had totally sussed the trick if giving him pills. I hoping its just me and will take them from my house mate who’s out tonight,

I managed to get them down him my crushing them with a rolling pin and mixing into a pate.


m’ pal has just bought one of candy’s brothers (from a younger litter)


I really struggled getting pills into our cat, after watching the vet do it easily and thinking it’d be a doddle. After a couple of fairly stressful attempts I went and got one of these, which made it LOADS easier (although I never put water in it, that attempt totally failed too):

I still have to pull Thomas’ mouth open, but it’s so much quicker using that rather than trying to use my hand and the pill gets right to the back of his throat so he can’t spit it out. Saves us both a massive stress, I could never get my hand in quick/deep enough to stop him spitting it back at me otherwise.

Can I get either of them to take worming power, though? Can I bollocks.


Our girlcat Grace (my avatar) has to have special flea pills because she’s allergic to flea bites. Struggled for ages with Mrs S wrapping her in a towel and holding her tight whilst I attempted to get the pill in with a pill gun. Sometimes took half an hour, none of us enjoyed it. We now crush the pill in a mortar and pestle, add a little water and suck it up into one of thise syringes you get with baby medicine. It’s a doddle because she can’t spit it out and actually licks her lips to get the bit which never makes it.