Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Sent my flatmate a picture of me and Monty and he ran it through some weird program and it became a psychedelic nightmare


I’ve tried with one of those in the past with no success.

Grinding up the pills into s Salmon paste works (for now).

In other cat news, my sisters still caring for that stray but they can’t keep it long term so are going to try rehoming it.


'kin ell, your eyes…


Some good cat news.

My sister saw a missing poster about a nile from hers. Its the stray theyve been caring for.

His name was Marley and he’s been reunited with his family. He was missing for 6 weeks.


Visiting a friend in Frankfurt this weekend. This is Xena, named after the warrior princess.




muh cat just finished putting up the tree. he says merry christmas. (yes, he’s on the vinyl player. yes, he’s still obsessed with it, esp the pink velvet underground & nico LP) :grinning:

he’s better looking than me, i have to admit.


What a lovely photo. That’s your Christmas card picture sorted for next year.


he is an adorable little shit tbh. he seems to have a creepy understanding of how to maximise his cuteness for pictures, too.



Look at his little face, he’s gorgeous.


Oh he knows he is, don’t worry :grinning:


I like this cat’s emotional honesty here, we could all learn from this.



What’s Santa Claws bringing for everyone’s furry friends? Just got ours this:




“is this my house?”

(it isn’t)


my friend Dean’s cat, Dinah. babe.




if you look up “cutiepudding” in the dictionary, that’s the picture, that face.