Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)




I want it.


The cats got an early present, as Gizmo needs to drink a lot due to his meds.

He loves it.


Picking something new out to read directly before Christmas. Schoolgirl shit tbh.


Aldi are doing cat wine :rofl:


Got Suzi a new dragonfly for her teaser toy- she loves them so they are battered to death in a few months. And a free chocolate for me from the cat toy company. :smiley_cat:


My black cat has now been missing seven weeks. Am considering getting my other cat a kitten for Christmas.



Went out to do a bit of tinkering with the cars earlier and my neighbour’s cat was sat eagerly on his windowsill earlier wanting to show his owners something…

They were out though, so he showed me instead. Looked very chuffed with himself too, as he sat there meowing after presenting his catch

He then disappeared off into the bushes and came back a few minutes later with a Subway wrapper for some reason. Maybe he was expecting me to wrap it up for his mom as a Christmas present, so he probably wasn’t too impressed when I used it to pick Mr Mouse up and drop him in the bin.


One of our two has gone missing and I’m completely torn up because she doesn’t usually wander far. We’re supposed to be going to my wife’s family for Christmas, leaving this evening with friends checking on the cats tomorrow.


Sorry to here this, I hope they turn up.


Just gone door to door with a box of chocolates asking people to check their gardens. It might help.


So I’ve decided to wait for her to come home rather than go to my in-laws. This isn’t a dodge as they’re lovely people, just that both my wife and I will be worrying about her if there’s no one there for her. This way at least she might be able to have a little bit of a good time.

So, might just be me and Rocket (the other cat) for Christmas this year.


Hope she comes home soon!


who’s that? :slight_smile:


sending genuine love for you and your cats xxxx


I was looking at the family photos earlier <3


My cat, who I’m currently missing while I’m visiting my parents. He’s not usually that cute, tbh


Thank you. It’s much appreciated.

There’s this thing, which I’m sure everyone in this thread knows, that when you live with a cat you stop Womdering about all the random noises that happen around a house because they’re always just the cat being weird. The problem with waiting for a missing cat to come back is that now every random noise catches your attention like a hook just in case it’s them, so you never really get to relax.

Obviously it’s absurd to sit here waiting for her to come home but it’s hard to do anything else, especially when the only thing I’m supposed to be doing is having fun.


If you have a litter tray put it outside so she can get the scent.


I think it’s so natural to feel that way. Its your cat. I cant even leave mine for a few days so take him on the train back to scotland. Really really hope you get a little christmas eve visitor xxxxx