Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



She took it down to the wire but she just showed up at the back door, completely unfussed. The minx has written off my Christmas Eve and I can’t even be mad at her!

Thanks to everyone for saying nice things xx


Here’s the bundle of trouble in question (she barely shows up in photographs):


She thought she’d make herself into a surprise Christmas gift! So happy for you :slight_smile:


very sexy cat & a christmas miracle. :heart_eyes:


Great cat! Glad to see she came back!


Merry Christmas!!!


Hope you get to cuddle your cat lots today and their sibling comes back safely xxxx


Is that a biography of kafka she is going for too? I think I have ghe same one.


he sleeps like this now :astonished:



he’s flying


Trudy wishes everyone a very merry christmas


Annual photo of my cat ‘wearing’ a paper hat from a cracker


Not managed to get a decent photo, but she’s just been attempting to catch snowflakes through the window :rofl:


This is Jacques.


He has a heart on his snoot :heart:


He uses it for kissing. Cheek to cheek to cheek. That’s how I knew he was French.


Gizmo is yet again miliking the attention with me not telling him off.

Lovable rascal.


Here is another pic of Hepzibah

Very naughty kitter who tried to eat dad’s home made lasagne


How is he doing?