Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



He’s doing well. He’ll often go and sleep under the bed which he never used to, but generally he’s very happy.

I was worried this morning as he was refusing his medication, but he was a perfect patient tonight.


I now own 6 items of cat clothing, as well as 3 small statues of cats and a print of some cat artwork. Have I gone too far? Yes. Do I care? Not really (maybe a little)


Catsitting this gorgeous little guy right now (that’s a video if not obvious)


She’s been sitting in some really bizarre positions this week!


that first one


Like the Boxing Helena tribute of the first one.




It continues!


Monty’s attempt at the cat in christmas hat genre


I so wish I could take this little lady home:


That blob on her nose is precious :heart_eyes:


I know :heart_eyes: a permaboop!

Sadly my parents hate cats, so I’ll just keep refreshing the page in the hope that she finds a good home :heart:


We had to throw out our guy’s beds and buy new ones. Sausage will sleep anywhere, so he was fine.

Grandpa is frightened of everything including new beds, it’s taken 2 weeks… but finally he’s made it!


Sausage is a great name :smiley:

You must get some funny looks calling Grandpa in at night.


They are both rescue cats who have never been outside :frowning: Tbh most American cats are indoor it seems. one day we might be able to move out of the city, or at least to a cat friendly neighbourhood and ill definitely be trying them outside!


We never bothered with cat beds, they all just sleep where they please.



My auntie’s cat Martha who isn’t allowed outside alone yet so she’s being taught to climb trees on a leash.


Adopted this lad the other day. His name is Max and we’re big fans of his.