Cat Thread 🐈 (rolling)



Suke trying to look casual.


Just checked (had to get up to take migraine tablets) and she’s found a home. Yay Flo! :slight_smile:


Cat wars! This chancer keeps trying to get in but she’s having none of it!


Gross post involving dead cat:

apparently foxes dug up Chihiro’s body and my mum is very upset


Oh no that’s awful, I’m so sorry x


very cosy

what smoulder!


got her front legs crossed like a classy gent in an arm chair.


When they see each other in the garden they give each other a little lick on the face to say hi, it’s so adorable :heart_eyes: also since about 12 weeks they’ve had the exact same weight, you really see their similarities as brothers when they stand like that aw


I often post photos of Gizmo but not that many of Sooty. So here you go.


Thought I had met a runaway cat today but then it went through a cat flap. Was right looking forward to having it for a wee while (it had a collar with a phone number, I wouldn’t steal a cat)


Not gonna check through 1470 posts to see if someone already did this one:


Just been sent this from when we first got Oreo. Reminded me of you @xylo!


oh god that little wee one is adorable*

*also your cat is etc


This is Saru


Yeah I did ages ago :roll_eyes:



Oreo has a new favourite spot to sit…


So I was off work sick yesterday. Stayed in bed until around lunchtime, dozing in and out and feeling generally quite rotten. It was absolutely chucking it down outside, and every so often I could hear a cat meowing. My bedroom overlooks this shared courtyard that all the flats/houses here open into (it’s dead cute). One of the neighbours has a ginger tom, and I see him quite a bit hanging out there. Super friendly. I assumed he’d been caught out in the rain and was stuck under a bench, occasionally shouting at the sky to stop making wet fall down.

At about, I dunno, 1:30 or so, I regained consciousness sufficiently to work out the shouting was actually coming from outside my bedroom door. And yep, sure enough, there he was:

Can only presume he ran in as my flatmate had left earlier that day, but I’m not really sure. He’s a total cutie though and was very friendly even though I’d been ignoring his cries for about, uh, three hours by that point :smiley:


I took Gizmo to the vets today for s checkup. They did an ECG, xray and blood tests. Another £350, but we have insurance.

He’s doing better than expected.


We’ve had our guys for about six months now, and they are really getting settled in. We thought they were pretty comfortable about a week in, but it’s been amazing to see how they’ve changed over that time.
They’ve both been super affectionate recently, getting cuddled right in. Here’s Thomas settled into the crook of my elbow the other day.